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This month has been very busy and we have not even approached mid-month. Peter and I evaluated of our food storage and stocked WAY up – now we have to eat most of it before we move from here in about 18 months. We have discovered that no one looks at you funny in Alaska when you fill up two flat bed carts at Sam’s Club; however, you might get asked if you live out in the bush.

Our ward had a children’s clothing exchange and I was able to find several outfits for our baby boy ranging in sizes … Read the rest


So I walk in the door tonight about 5:30 after a long day. The doorbell rings. It is our neighbor with a homemade pizza for us. Surprise!

Then, I check the mail and we received a package of Halloween crafts from my mom for the kids. لعبة الروليت مجانا

Dinner and a Family Home Evening activity all on the same day! لعبه القمار Made my day!

What are the chances of a repeat tomorrow? كيف يلعب البوكر

Rolling Along – OR – September in a Nutshell

Life is somewhat returning to normal around the Johnson household. Energy and vitality (as much as is possible during pregnancy) have slowly been replacing the abyss of morning sickness; a swelling belly, the tell-tale sign of 15 weeks gestation, replacing a once trim (on a relative scale) waistline.

Homeschool resumed last week with surprisingly excellent results. I was prepared for pandemonium and mutiny at the kitchen table after weeks of not having the strength to follow through with simple discipline and household chores, but to my surprise (utter amazement) Sydney and Isaac seemed ready to get back to work and … Read the rest

Holy Cow

After getting to Alaska and settling in we found out that we are expecting a baby! We have been hoping for a number of years (more than five) to welcome a new bundle of joy into our home and the time has finally come! This was a HUGE surprise after being told years ago that the it would be “highly unlikely” that we would ever have another baby. لعبة روليت مجانيه

Morning sickness has been quite a beast – I don’t care to talk much about it, but it does seem to be easing into a manageable routine.

Baby Johnson … Read the rest