This month has been very busy and we have not even approached mid-month. Peter and I evaluated of our food storage and stocked WAY up – now we have to eat most of it before we move from here in about 18 months. We have discovered that no one looks at you funny in Alaska when you fill up two flat bed carts at Sam’s Club; however, you might get asked if you live out in the bush.

Our ward had a children’s clothing exchange and I was able to find several outfits for our baby boy ranging in sizes from newborn to 18 months. I love hand-me-downs! So much less fuss when the clothes get dirty or soiled. We are going to be very brave and use cloth diapers for this baby; I have already ordered them so there’s no getting out of it now. I took some time to look back at our budget when Sydney and Isaac were babies and was astounded at how much money we spent on disposable diapers and wipes – now (at least here in Alaska) diapers are about 30-40 percent more expensive. Since we mooch off the average tax payer living in base housing and do not have a water bill, we don’t have to worry about the extra expense with cleaning them. Wish us luck… or just shake your head back and forth and think the words “crazy people” in your mind. I won’t blame you.

I am now 21 weeks along and feeling pretty darn huge; I spend way too much time thinking about how huge I’m going to eventually get and it’s not a happy thought. Cumbersome is the word that best describes my current situation; with all the snow and ice around here during the rest of my pregnancy I’m going to have to be very careful. It is nice, however, to not have to carry in all the groceries from the van or lift heavy things around the house; as long as I am feeling uncomfortable I am going to exploit it.

Sydney and Isaac are having a blast in the snow; sledding, throwing snowballs, shovelling pathways through all of our neighbors’ yards (Isaac), and making forts have been some of the favorite activities. I love to go walking outside when it is dark and see the snow glitter and glisten in the light radiating from houses and street lamps; it is a pleasant side effect of snow in a very dry climate. This year I finally convinced Peter to help me hang up Christmas lights inside our house windows; he absolutely refuses to hang them up on the roof so this is our compromise.

I seriously need to take some pictures of the kids; since we moved here I have taken only a handful. Peter and I purchased a new digital camcorder a couple of weeks ago and haven’t even used it yet. Yes, we’re pretty lame.

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