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This is at their test to get yellow stripes on their belts. The next test is for the actual yellow belt.

Above: Isaac doing power board breaking.

Above: Isaac showing off his broken board. He’s shows it to all his friends when they come over. 888 sport

Above: All the kids checking themselves out in sparring gear. The mouthpieces are particularly attractive.

Above: Are you gonna mess with this girl?

Above: You mean I can fight with my sister and not suffer any bad consequences? كازينو Yes!!!

Above: Sydney spent most of the time on the defensive…

Above: She did
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North Pole Ice Sculptures

The kids playing on the “merry-go-rounds.” They could get spinning pretty fast!

Above: That’s Sydney on the green sled going down the ice slide.
This ice sculpture was absolutely stunning. The picture does not give it any justice.

While we were here freezing our little tushies off (well, my tush is pretty big right now) we went into a heated tent to get some hot chocolate. العب واربح Santa Claus came in to say hi to the kids. ربح المال من الالعاب اون لاين He overheard us say Isaac’s name so he came up to Isaac and said, “Hello Isaac.

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My Knutty Knitting

Just some examples of my humble knitting abilities…
Above: This picture is actually upside-down. This is a simple decrease for shaping patterns. تكساس هولدم بوكر

Above: A friend in our ward showed me how to square off my edges more clearly and how to have the edges turn out even.

Above: Garter stitch border with stockinette stitch in the middle.

Above: Yarn over to create the holes. لعبه القمار

Above: My first dishcloth. It has a diamond pattern in it but it is hard to make out in the picture. This was my first practice following a pattern.
This is
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It’s Friday Night and I Have Nothing Better to Do

I have to admit that I am only blogging right now out of sheer boredom. Today was declared pajama day in the Johnson residence and I am still sporting my very flattering grey polka-dot maternity sleepwear along with my ultra-comfy new house slippers. Most of the afternoon I have spent sewing bathrobes for the kids to open on Christmas Eve; it won’t be a surprise for them because I kept having Syd and Isaac try them on. When choosing the sizes of bathrobe patterns to sew for them I totally skipped the step of measuring my children – these bathrobes … Read the rest

Isaac at School

Isaac has decided his favorite math activity is setting up a “store” so he can practice “buying” candy and cereal while learning how to count dimes and pennies. He learned how to perform simple two-digit addition on a “store receipt. كازينو البحرين

I have decided one bucket of magnetic letters is not enough. More are coming in the mail!

Silly kids – they get it all from Peter…
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