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Accept Feeling Alone In A Crowded Room

We (Liz and I) don’t seem to know how to say “enough.” Today, that thought sits heavy on me as I sit alone in a crowded room. I’m at church, nominally among friends. But I’m alone. I don’t feel like I’m a part of this community in more than a superficial sense. I have few friends here (depending on how you define friends). I know several more names. And I’ve been in this ward longer than any other since I left my parent’s house as a teenager. In spite of that, I feel like a foreigner.

I think some of … Read the rest

The Latest Pictures

Why can’t he do something constructive like watch TV all afternoon?

This picture gives you a decent idea of what I am hauling around all day… A 20 lb. drooling machine.

He gets his good looks from me.

Getting ready to go camping.

Sydney and I trying to keep away from mosquitos.

The tune from the Andy Griffith Show comes to mind… I hope it gets stuck in your head too.
Success (as a side note, I finally learned how to skip stones myself for the first time in my life)!

Choosing the right rock is an art form.

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We’re Still Here

Wow. I forget how taking care of a baby can make a person so darn tired. After a long day of feeding, changing, bouncing and entertaining a baby the last thing I usually want to do is sit at the computer, upload pictures, and blog about our every day adventures. I’m just glad I can keep up enough to eat off of a clean plate (well, most days).

Sydney – She has been enjoying every possible minute out of doors playing with her friends in their “fairy fort.” It’s really just a little nook in the woods by our house … Read the rest

I love spring

Spring has arrived, and literally overnight the leaves have come out, the air warmed up, and the whole area is outright beautiful. As of now, the sun goes down at about 11:30PM, and comes up again at about 3:30. It’ll get even worse over the next few weeks leading up to the summer solstice.

My bear hunt had to be re-planned… The Yukon river was late to break-up, and was still iced over the weekend we had planned on going out. My hunting buddy went up after the river cleared, and the boat ramp still had 50 yards of 8-12 … Read the rest