I’m sick. Sore throat. Headache. Husband leaving tomorrow to go out of town for two weeks. What am I to do? Life goes on. Tomorrow I am going to go to the doctor just to make sure it’s not strep throat – my throat is very sore and swollen (although Motrin seems to help wonderfully) and I do not have any other symptoms of a cold. This morning I had a very difficult time swallowing and I had to stay behind from church.

The last couple of days have not been exciting – mom in bed (everyone else wondering if … Read the rest

Sydney had a special day!

First off, I have to say that birthday parties (or parties in general) are not my forte. I was a bit worried about my hostess skills. At the beginning of Sydney’s 8th birthday party, all of the girls picked up the balloons that were scattered on the living room floor and they rubbed them on their arms and heads and then stuck them to the walls. I highly suggest this activity to anyone – it took up a full 20 minutes!
Here is the group of gaggling 7 and 8 year old girls making flower baskets with paper plates.
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Tropical Storm Hanna – is it coming?

We are waiting to see if Tropical Storm Hanna decides to come up against the Florida coast and if she will gain strength over the ocean and once again be classified as a hurricane. If she comes, then maybe we’ll go to Tampa and stay in a hotel and go to Bush Gardens (an amusement park). كيف تربح في القمار

We’ll keep you posted (as long as I have internet access). Not really worried about it, but if it is a hurricane then we may be evacuated because we are on an island and would have to get across a … Read the rest

According to Isaac

According to Isaac:

  • The wheels on the bus go swish swish swish
  • The babies on the bus go oink oink oink
  • The people on the bus go crazy crazy crazy

According to Isaac:

  • Something told him to throw mulch at Mackenzie while at the playground
  • His tummy told him to hit Ruby with his backpack

According to Isaac:

  • The black beans in the dinner tonight are tomatoes

This is only the list of stuff I could remember. He is so wilful that when he makes a statement (even when he knows it is wrong) he will stick to it like … Read the rest

I know; this week’s post is late…

Sydney put on a little show for Peter and I. Here she is all dressed up to sing a song called I’m So Hot (which is a song about the planet Venus from a musical she was in last year). I don’t know where she gets her theatrical flair from…
“I’m cute and I know it.”
Sydney and Isaac playing with Roger
Isaac loves to jog/walk on the treadmill. Actually, he loves taking his shirt off and this is the only time he is allowed to do it in the house.
“I don’t want my picture taken.”
“Fine, take my
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Meet Roger

We drove out to Tampa this last Saturday to pick up our new dog, Roger. كازينو على الانترنت I have to say I had a hard time believing that there was a dog out there who does not bark, but I have been proven wrong!

He looks so much like our last dog, Lola, that I catch myself almost calling him by that name much of the time. قواعد لعبة الروليت Roger is very sweet tempered; he does not jump up on people, but his tail can whip pretty hard when he is excited; I have not heard one bark … Read the rest

Fay Just Wouldn’t Stay Away…

So Tropical Storm Fay ended up causing a lot more flooding in our area than I originally thought. We have been sitting in our new home in our newly designed neighborhood with excellent water drainage ditches and retention ponds. الرهان في سباق الخيل Our little lake the back yard was nothing. كازينو قطر Apparently for the small coastline area we live, Fay created the worst flooding in 50 years (the tropical storm just hovered over our area for two days pouring rain on us). لعبة بلاك جاك اون لاين

And though the rain and wind are gone and the tropical … Read the rest

Tropical Storm Fay

Tropical Storm Fay has been working her way around Florida for a few days now. The eye went over us about four or five hours ago and so far we have received about 8-12 inches of rain (with plenty more still to come). The storm is expected to strengthen over the Atlantic Ocean overnight before turning back and coming inland again. Howling winds and pelting rain kept me up all night – my beauty sleep was cut short and I have not been a pretty sight.

The conditions have been bad enough that school has been cancelled three out of … Read the rest

The First Day of School

Everyone once in a while I am able to snap an adorable picture of my two children. I love this picture! The night before school the kids both picked out what to wear:

Isaac picked out some very comfortable digs.
Sydney picked out a cute dress to wear.
“Say Cheese!”
This is what I normally get when I ask Isaac to smile:
Here he sort of gave in and did a grin.
Two cheesy kids.
Sydney sitting at her desk in Mrs. Smith’s classroom. She already knows most of the kids in her class!

Here is Isaac with his friend … Read the rest

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