Isaac is an aspiring photographer…

Isaac and his friend Dylan at the ward Memorial Day picnic. They sat and banged their heads against the wall. Go figure.
Isaac wearing his new t-shirt
Sydney wearing her new t-shirt. I wanted one too but the only one’s for adults were stupid.
Here is the pink jacket I finished making that goes with Syd’s white dress. I only have one more dress to finish sewing for her; thankfully I already have it cut out.
Sorry folks, but I just cannot get a sweet and normal picture of Isaac. He does not send his regards and he would rather I not blog about him.
So I know that the consensus from this week’s poll is that Isaac will be a Nascar Driver when he grows up but I’m thinking he maybe has a future as a photographer – he took the above photographs this morning! I think there’s a lot of subtext in these pictures…

Here’s our week in a bullet list:

  • I need a good meatloaf recipe. If you have one send it my way. Just a note – don’t add curry to meatloaf; it smells pretty good but somehow tastes unlike meatloaf (this is where you laugh at me). Thankfully I didn’t put too much curry in it and we still ate it. In fact there was so much meatloaf that we have already had it for two dinners and still have enough for four more dinners. Come over if you want ;o)
  • I found out this last week that I have ancestors from Germany. Didn’t know that before.
  • Sydney has two more days of school!
  • Peter made Kashmiri Naan bread. Kashmiri Naan is a variety of naan bread that is filled with fruit and nuts. We first tried it at an Indian restaurant. You should try it sometime.
  • We moved our food storage shelves out of the garage and up into Sydney’s room (there is a small corner of the room that juts out and is like a separate area). We are going to hang up a pretty curtain in front of it so Sydney’s room isn’t in the style of food storage deco.
  • Isaac and Sydney did the dishes this morning without being asked. I came down and saw them working together and Isaac was singing a song. The lyrics were “brother, sister, brother, sister, etc.” It was very cute.
  • I asked Sydney what she has been up to this last week and she says she doesn’t really remember.
  • I asked Isaac what he has been up to this last week and he says he has helped dad. Just ask his dad how much help Isaac really is…(Sydney wanted me to add that Isaac sat and tackled her today).
  • We had fun going to the beach and watching the Discovery Shuttle Launch. They are installing a Japanese laboratory and fixing the potty on the International Space Station. Don’t find out how much the potty fix is costing. It’s disturbing.

That’s all folks… Oh, and if you still have nothing better to do and feel like wasting away about five more minutes of your life go check out my books and hobbies page!

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