Albuquerque has its Good Points

The brown sort of desert that is Albuquerque isn’t my favorite environment. I miss trees and brush that are even slightly green, and I could happily go the rest of my life without ever running into a cholla cactus again. That said, new Mexico has it’s charms. One of them is quick access to the trails in the Sandia foothills, some of which are within a mile of my front door. The last two Saturday’s in a row, Michael and I have hiked one of them to a large granite formation that looks almost like a dam. This last Saturday, Liz came with.

Access to daylight is important to my well being in the winter, so hikes like this are something of a lifeline.

Michael packed a carrot for his snack. It was 20 degrees when we left, but by the time we stopped and were in the sun it was quite comfortable.
An accidental picture… so flattering. I think I was trying to look at the picture of michael eating his carrot. Anyway, it does show the ridiculously blue skies we get here. That and the amazing sunsets are two of the best things about New Mexico.

It is kind of funny hiking the foothills though. You can hear the dull roar of the city while being completely in the wilderness. That is a little hard to get used to.

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