Our Visit With Peter’s Mom

While Peter’s mom, Janice, came to visit we decided to take a day trip to Saint Augustine, America’s oldest European Settlement. It’s just 2 hours north of where we live.

Here Sydney is checking out the dining table in the “oldest” house. The shelf that is hanging from rope was the only food storage space available for fresh produce – everything else would go bad because there are no places to dig cellars in Florida. The shelf also kept rats out of the food that was on it.

An outdoor kitchen and garden.

Peter took this nice picture of some pretty flowers. I don’t know what they’re called.

Isaac, Grandma Johnson (Janice), Sydney, and Liz

No, I am not pregnant. This shirt just makes it look that way. I am so tired of the maternity looking shirts that are in “fashion.”

Castillo de San Marcos

Here are some crazy dudes who think it is fun to dress up in wool in Florida and shoot off canons a few times a day to impress tourists.

Watch Tower

And of course, no visitor can come to Florida without a trip to the beach. You’re probably tired of the many pictures of my kids playing at the beach. Sorry no pics of the adults at the beach…

Isaac made this newspaper hat and telescope in preschool on Columbus Day.

Here is our week in a bullet list:

  • We have had a nice time with Peter’s mom in town. A couple of friends called me this week while Peter was still out of town and I was at home with my mother-in-law to make sure I was alright. They were surprised to find out that I have no problem hanging out with her. We get along quite well (granted, it did take us a couple of years to figure each other out). It was actually fun to sit and watch Cranford with someone who laughed in the same spots that I did!
  • We watched the new Indiana Jones movie. I’m sorry, I give it just about three stars. It was funny and all, but the whole alien thing just drove me crazy. I don’t like alien movies. Phony.
  • I was just released from my primary calling and called as 1st counselor in the Relief Society. Weird. I recieved several congratulations (for what?) and a few condolences. What say ye?
  • Peter is THE guy in the stake who plays the piano. He is playing for the stake general priesthood meeting tonight. He has a list of seven hymns he can play – they keep asking him if he can play High on a Mountain Top and he keeps telling them that he can play Choose the Right.
  • Our trip to St. Augustine totally rocked! I can’t wait to go back for a real vacation and see some other sites. There are so many more awesome things to do in Florida besides Disney World!
  • The kids have had fun baking cookies with Grandma this afternoon.

That’s all folks…

As for last week’s poll, I am planning on voting for McCain/Palin unless you can change my mind. My brother-in-law James spent a couple of days trying to convince me to vote for Obama and I was interested to hear what he said but on my own further research and my original instincts I will be voting for McCain. I have a history of voting bi-partisan.

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