Satan’s laugh

Hateful things in human thought
Twisted minds this sin have brought
Barking dogs pull at the chain
Howling shrieks and moans of pain
Mothers weep and infants cry
Above the gate - ARBEIT MACHT FREI
Shuffling feet of broken hearts
Pause for families torn apart
Wives and children stripped away
Screams and cries that cannot sway

One by one sent there and here
For some the end is very near
While others hear the orders barked
For brutal labor they were marked
The crack of whips and thud of fist
The whimpered hope you're on the list
Yet labor's toil halts not the end
It just delays the captive's friend
Released as smoke to float away
To rest in peace 'till judgement day

The aircraft's roar makes rain of steel
The rumbling tank with squeaking wheel
The cannon's bark and tongue of flame
Cackling guns no man can tame
Hateful shouts dehumanize
All morals lost to human eyes
Torture, torment, words of hate
Pain designed to grind and grate

Little children weaponized
With vacant stares and hollow eyes
Mothers, fathers, infants, kids
Thrashed and killed as leader bids
Allah's name they shout aloud
And purify by purge the town
They claim to be his army true
Do horrid things no saint could do

Hate and malice, selfishness
Idols finely shaped and dressed
Lure distract and lead away
Those who stumble on their way
To wanton riot, heinous deeds
Anything to feed their greed
Shattered lives and broken dreams
Whimpered cries and shouted screams
Calls for vengeance swift and sure
Find neither answer nor the cure

These horrid sounds assault the ears
Tender hearts sprout monstrous tears
But hardened souls cannot be moved
Though hell itself their deeds reprove
Rumbling, thundering waves of sound
O'er the earth reverb, rebound
Satan's laugh with mortal voice
Cackling glee at human's choice
Oh what fools these mortal souls 
who let me in to take control


3 thoughts on “Satan’s laugh”

  1. Interesting use of allusion. I’m wondering if you refer to the child soldiers in Africa in one of the stanzas? It’s a good thing that we know that Satan’s plan will ultimately bĂȘ overcome by the plan of salvation, even though it might sometimes does not look lIke it. Like Elisha, those that are with us are more than those who are against us.

    1. The children referenced could be from any number of conflicts, including Boko Haram, but in this case it was a child sent in as a suicide bomber by its parents who were ISIS fanatics.

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