Satan’s Laugh

Satan’s laugh: The sound of suffering and destruction caused by the inhumanity of war and human folly.

This is a work in progress. Take it for what it’s worth, and please leave me a comment or two as you read along to let me know you were here and what you think of it.

Many of the chapters are password protected. That is due to the large number of spam comments being submitted by bots. The password for all of the chapters is “HopeYouEnjoy” without the quotation marks.

Prologue: Satan’s Laugh

Part 1: Packing Up

Part 2: Convoy

Part 3: First Steps Home

Part 4: Rehab

Part 5: Saying Goodbye

Part 6: Transition

Part 7: The Letter

Part 8: Pen-pals

Part 9: On the Road

Part 10: Detoured

Part 11: Shame Hangover

Part 12: Rage

Part 13: Released

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