Our Boring Update

Life is going just peachy here at the Johnson household. Really. Truly. Here are some highlights:

Isaac – He has still been quite a bit more affectionate lately and I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts. His hugs are kisses are always quite overwhelming – he runs up and jumps on me out of the blue and tackles me with hugs! We have been working on reading The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham with Isaac reading all the words he can. Some of the new sounds or words that he recognizes are: sh, said, hard ‘g,’ house, mouse, box, fox, and p.

Sydney – She is busy taking the FCAT test this week (Florida’s version of an SAT). They totally gets these kids so worried and worked up about these tests that it drives me insane. As if kids aren’t stressed out enough – let’s add severe test anxiety to the list! Thankfully Sydney does not seem to suffer much from test anxiety (she takes after her very relaxed mom and dad) – just from clean-room apathy.

Liz – Our Relief Society just did a very nice musical program for the Relief Society birthday celebration. I accompanied most of the songs and sang one. The program went very nicely and the dinner tables were beautiful (that’s because I wasn’t in charge of decorating). My next project is practicing to accompany a mezzo-soprano for her student recital. In other news – my flip flops completely flopped so I need a new pair. This means I will have to go shopping and you know how I feel about that.

Peter – Well, Peter gets to take a trip to England in May. I hope it rains the entire time he’s there. Peter has had some time these last couple of weeks to work on the motorcycleS that are in our garage. He plans to sell one and keep one. The last step is just some painting and body work and then I can have a clean garage again! I’m actually very glad Peter has had some down time to work on stuff other than WORK!

Our only really exciting news is that we are planning a super-duper long trip to Utah this summer! We are going to drive from Florida to Utah (some might wonder about our sanity) and I am trying to convince Peter that we should stop at Nauvoo, IL on the way (He wants to go somewhere else but I’m going to use all of my wily womanly ways to convince him otherwise). I am going to seriously crash in my mom’s house and take over for about six LOOOONG weeks and it will be SOOOOO nice to have my mini-van so I can be independent. Peter of course won’t be staying the entire time (he will help drive out there and drive back but he will have to fly back to Florida for work in between).

That’s all folks…

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