We’re Still Here

Wow. I forget how taking care of a baby can make a person so darn tired. After a long day of feeding, changing, bouncing and entertaining a baby the last thing I usually want to do is sit at the computer, upload pictures, and blog about our every day adventures. I’m just glad I can keep up enough to eat off of a clean plate (well, most days).

Sydney – She has been enjoying every possible minute out of doors playing with her friends in their “fairy fort.” It’s really just a little nook in the woods by our house where the neighborhood boys generally leave them alone. Drawing pictures of plants and animals on an imaginary world has been taking up some of her free time; colorful birds and flowers with strawberry centers and edible roots. I believe I have never seen Sydney have a creative lapse.

Sydney’s Activity Day Girls group are getting ready to do a talent show in a few weeks so she is working on a couple of piano pieces to perform and will do the one she feels the best with when the time comes.

Isaac – Now an official seven-year-old, he is excited to be putting together two new Lego sets he received for his birthday: a Hoth planet speeder set he received from his Grandma Gardner and some sort of Star Wars flying apparatus that he calls the ARC 170. I personally can’t keep up with all of the Star Wars mumbo-jumbo and thought it was so fun that he knew exactly what both items were upon opening them. Boys…

Michael – The boy likes food. Carrots. Rice cereal. Squash. Sweet potatoes. Oatmeal. I can’t believe it. What baby likes rice cereal? Apparently, mine. He did have a rough week when he started eating solids; his body seemed to be adjusting to the new strain on his little baby body leaving him quite grumpy for a few days. After working out the kinks his temperament is back to his old sweet, easy-going self.

He seems to have the strength and will to start rolling over but alas, the fat rolls keep him a prisoner on either back or tummy. Sometimes he can sit (leaning forward) for a little while but again, those darn fat rolls sure make it hard – so much weight to hold up!

Peter – He had another unsuccessful hunting season; the bears must have all been out for a picnic because they didn’t seem interested in getting shot. Plans are being made to take one more “shot” at fall moose season in September.

Summer is his busy season at work and many problems have arisen with some of his detachment’s remote sites they oversee, so he has been having to play politics (an activity he despises) to make some progress. Long stressful weekdays are par for the course in the summertime at his office, followed by unwinding with the family on the weekends.

Liz – Somehow I have managed to find time to read quite a bit. Michael lets me sit him on my knee while I read – as long as I keep bouncing him; I also read in the car during our trips to Fairbanks a couple of times a week.

I finally went into the doctor to have my left foot checked out because my heel has been very uncomfortable for the last four-five months. He said I have plantar fasciitis (an arch problem combined with a heel spur) – most likely developed from putting weight on during my pregnancy. Basically I have to stay off my foot as much as possible for MONTHS. After icing my foot each evening for the last couple of weeks and getting some orthotics for my shoes I have had some relief. Some people will have the pain come and go, many complain of pain for nine-12 months, some never get rid of it and others have very few problems. I just wish I had gone in to have it checked out a few months ago. Well, at least I can get on the stationary bike for exercise.