I love spring

Spring has arrived, and literally overnight the leaves have come out, the air warmed up, and the whole area is outright beautiful. As of now, the sun goes down at about 11:30PM, and comes up again at about 3:30. It’ll get even worse over the next few weeks leading up to the summer solstice.

My bear hunt had to be re-planned… The Yukon river was late to break-up, and was still iced over the weekend we had planned on going out. My hunting buddy went up after the river cleared, and the boat ramp still had 50 yards of 8-12 ft thick ice on the banks, so it looks like we’ll need to find a different place to hunt. It’ll probably be somewhere more local, or we might try the Yukon later in the summer.

Now, with that said, I’ll get to what Grandma has been bugging Liz for… Pictures of a fat baby.