It’s Friday Night and I Have Nothing Better to Do

I have to admit that I am only blogging right now out of sheer boredom. Today was declared pajama day in the Johnson residence and I am still sporting my very flattering grey polka-dot maternity sleepwear along with my ultra-comfy new house slippers. Most of the afternoon I have spent sewing bathrobes for the kids to open on Christmas Eve; it won’t be a surprise for them because I kept having Syd and Isaac try them on. When choosing the sizes of bathrobe patterns to sew for them I totally skipped the step of measuring my children – these bathrobes … Read the rest

Family Pictures and the Fat Pregnant Lady

Not the best lighting in the room, but this family picture will have to do. I do NOT like to have my picture taken when I am pregnant. Don’t expect many more.

Here I am with my three chins, extra fat cheeks and everything else… I have already put on (sigh) 25 pounds. Right now I am 25 weeks along – 15 more to go! Just so you know, I HATE this picture and may delete it later at will. Being pregnant is just not my favorite thing.


Yesterday I spent my first REAL cold day traveling to Fairbanks. The thermostat on my mini-van ranged between -19 and -36 degrees during late-morning into the afternoon. We packed extra food, blankets, snow pants, etc to make our trip. Our day included a trip to the library, going out to lunch, picking up a prescription and taking the kids to their Taekwon-Do lesson. And after was all said and done it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be; not as easy as a winter day in Florida but very do-able. There are some interesting things that … Read the rest