Eielson Air Force Base and the Surrounding Area

I have decided that Eielson Air Force Base is the bomb (I can’t believe I just used that terminology – but so it is).

The gym (or field house) alone makes it worth being stationed here. It is big. Really big. There is an INDOOR soccer stadium the size of a football field and a full-size basketball court. Along the sides of the soccer stadium are rooms with glass windows full of work-out equipment; the basketball court has a few bikes and eliptical machines lined up on one side. Thus I can take the kids with me and exercise while
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While I was in Utah I found out that it is possible for me to finish a Bachelors degree online through Utah State University. Peter and I took a day and traveled up to Logan to meet with a counselor. In just two and a half years (taking two classes at a time) I will be able to finish a Liberal Arts degree. This is one of those degrees for people who don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.

What this degree helps me with is simply finishing a degree so that later on if I
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Today we found out that we will be moving into our house this Friday (July 2nd)! Yeah! And even better than that is Peter has that day off since it is right before the July 4th weekend so it doesn’t even mess up his work schedule.

The annoying thing is that we have to move all of our crap to a new hotel room on Wednesday and then haul of that crap plus more to the new house on Friday. I think right now would be a good time to count my blessings…
I will send out an email soon
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We Have Arrived

We arrived at our destination in Alaska on Monday, June 21st; the longest day of the year and the most difficult to find a hotel in the Fairbanks area. June 22nd was our planned date of arrival and we already had arrangements in temporary base housing so Monday night we ended up staying in the family camping area on base. There was no room at any inn for miles due to midnight baseball games and marathons (summer solstice is a big thing out here since it stays light practically all night).

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