Four Beach Bums? Really?

As a friend of mine pointed out, we will obviously need to change our blog title when we move to Alaska. In all honesty, we really are not even ‘beach bums’ at all; we grew up in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, UT surrounded by mountains. So our blog title is really just a lie except for the fact that we have been to the beach and we do have bums and there are four of us (except if you notice my heading at the top it says “Four Beach Bums” but then I go on to list Roger, who in fact, if counted as a family member (which I don’t) then there are five beach bums – but Roger has never been to the beach).

Well, we are in need of a true Alaskan-themed blog title in the near future. And, since my creative juices are not flowing, I am going to ask for help from the two or three people who actually read my family blog. If you have a great idea for a blog title for us then please leave a comment or send me an email. I might just have to come up with a prize for our favorite idea!

To Knit or Not to Knit…

Here is some of my knitting progress so far:

My first project. This is the classic knit or garter stitch. Check out the row with the holes – those are on purpose. It’s called yarn over.

I read in a knitting book that when you get in the rhythm of knitting, your mind can do something similar to meditating. I think I have a LONG way to go before I reach Nirvana while knitting – apparently I have a thing for licking my lips while I am working on it. Every time I stop my lips feel dry. Guess I need to relax; or try sitting in the lotus position while holding my knitting needles.

Tonight I learned how to purl. If you alternate knit and purl you get a ribbed pattern. Sometimes I couldn’t remember if I needed to knit or purl so some of my rows (well, most of them) aren’t even. I’ll have to work on that before I make a homemade scarf for you…

Here’s a complete view of tonight’s work.

And apparently I know how to use the fancy shmancy camera as well as I know how to knit. It looks like I had the camera set on black-and-white and didn’t even know it.

Mr. Basketball

Isaac is absolutely LOVING basketball! Watching a gaggle of 5 and 6-year-old kids play a game is hilarious; running down the court with only a couple of dribbles, kids going the wrong way, Isaac dribbling the ball under his leg and out the back (I taught him this trick) in the middle of a game, and kids trying to make impossible shots.

Here are some pics of Isaac ready to shoot some hoops:

Bang Bang

Here’s how Sydney’s hair disaster began:

Here’s how it ended (after trying for about 30 minutes to get her hair untangled):

No need to say “I told you so.” This is going to take a couple of years to grow out. Bangs do not work well with Sydney because she has a slight cowlick at the front of her natural part so they don’t lay down nicely. Oh well.

New Year’s Eve – The Brevard Zoo

Since there was nothing better to do on New Year’s Eve, Peter and I took the kids to the Brevard Zoo. We thought we had coupons to get in cheaper but we found out at the ticket desk that they were for another zoo. We decided to pay full price for everyone since we were already there (thankfully we’re independently wealthy…)

Here are a few highlights from our little trip to the little zoo (really – it’s such a small zoo that you can see everything in about 1 1/2 hours walking around).

Where in the world is the Johnson family going next?

1. Peter just interviewed for a detachment commander job at Eielson Air Force Base (near Fairbanks, Alaska). His commander came to him and specifically asked him to apply for the job and we will be finding out this week or next if he got the job! He told me that he felt pretty confident during the interview that his commander had already picked him for the job but she still has to check off all the boxes and finish the process for selection.

2. If the job to Alaska falls through for some reason Peter will be applying for a job that is somewhere in the world. He just can’t tell me where it is; but apparently it is a place that families can go. What an adventure that would be…

3. The third possibility is in Reston, Virginia; I don’t know any specifics of this job (nor would I ever) but Peter already has someone there waiting for his reply on a job. If we don’t go to job #1 or #2 then we will be going to Virginia.

I’m trying not to get all worked up and excited about the job in Alaska like I did with the job that fell through in England, but it has been hard to curb my enthusiasm. As soon as we find out our next local, I will be sure to post it here on our blog! Stay tuned…

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm…

The Arctic conditions that have taken a hold of the country have left a stamp even here in Florida. We have been enjoying temperatures in the low 40’s for a couple of weeks and this morning I woke up to see the thermostat sitting at 32 degrees! Most everyone around us has been freezing their little tushies off but I have been in heaven! Hot chocolate, hot soup, flannel pajamas, house slippers and snuggling up close to Peter in bed at night are just a few of the delights that I have been enjoying. Too bad all this cold weather can’t bring in a good snow storm; then my bliss would be complete. In Tampa, a couple of days ago, there were delays at the airport because of ice! A local Floridian told me that there has not been weather like this since about 1972.

This morning when we got to church the thermostat in my mini van said it was 37 degrees. When we got inside the church building it wasn’t much warmer than that. Apparently the heater was not working so the bishop decided to cut the three hour block short and sent us all home right after the sacrament. I don’t think I’ve ever heard so much teeth-chattering in my life!

Of course the climatologists are claiming that global warming is to blame; apparently it is so hot that is cold (that is according to some scientists in China)!