Holidays etc…

Well, the holidays have come and gone. We’ve had a good time, but are ready for a slower January.

We were glad to have the Cooks (our friends from Kentucky) down for Thanksgiving. We spent time at the beach, looking a manatees, and exposing young boys and nervous moms to firearms.

J, Spencer, and Brig had a great time. All the kids turned out to be a pretty good shot, and we didn’t even kill anyone or send anyone to the hospital.

Kara wasn’t too sure about shooting when we got there. She’d never shot before, and was kinda uneasy about it. Turns out, with only a little coaching, she’s a pretty good shot with both the rifle and a handgun.

There’s something fundamentally cool about being able to play in the ocean in November. The Cook boys jumped right in and couldn’t get enough. Apparently November in Florida is quite warm to folks used to real winters.

Isaac’s blood however, has apparently thinned out some. He got so cold he had to sit in the sand and warm up while the northerners played in the waves.

Isaac also had a good time having other rambunctious boys to wrestle with. He finally got a taste of his own medicine, and apparently didn’t mind the taste at all.

We also had the Watsons and the Colemans over for Thanksgiving.

Liz once again proved she’s the most accomplished liar in the bunch by trouncing us at Balderdash, followed closely by J.

Along the way, we got a short concert from the Coleman’s youngest. I doubt you’ll be seeing him on the touring circuit any time soon, but Liz and Amanda got a kick out of it.

Christmas was equally busy and fun. We had the Hennessy family over for dinner on Christmas Eve to share our tradition of cooking up middle-eastern Souvlaki and home-made pita bread. The next day my uncle Ben, aunt Debbi and all their family came over along with friends Steve and Nancy. We had such a nice time that I forgot to pull the camera out and take pictures.

Even Roger got into the Christmas spirit this year. Although getting him to hold still for the camera took some serious bribery.

Liz just liked this picture. She says it looks like it belongs on a Hallmark card. I took it! Maybe I should switch day-jobs. Err… maybe not.

Sydney got a huge bucket of craft paper, cards, and random stamps, punches and the like to keep her creative side occupied for the next year. She also was quite happy with her new pajamas. They have owls on them, and since she’s started reading the Harry Potter series (she’s on book 5 at the moment) she’s been facinated by owls.

This year, Liz decided Santa would bring everyone new pajamas the night before Christmas. Here she is sporting hers. She looks beautiful in anything, but I can’t understand her desire to sleep in something that sticks to the sheets like velcro.

The only thing nearly as cool as the Bakugon pajamas Isaac got was the traditional Whoopie Cushion. The best thing about them is that they are great fun for a while, and about the time you can’t stand it any longer, they blow-up and get thrown away. Good, clean, cheap fun.

As usual, I got a lump of coal from Santa. Funny thing is that it’s been in my stocking since it got hung. I suppose Santa knew I wouldn’t redeem myself before Christmas.

The kids are only smiling because I wouldn’t get out of the way and let them go downstairs until after I had a decent picture.

It’s amazing how the prospect of presents can help them get along together…

Liz even stuck me with flannel pajamas this year. I hope she doesn’t expect me to actually sleep in them… It feels like I’m being strangled by my own clothes. Oh well, they’re comfy for lounging around the house in.

Syd isn’t too happy about her new bangs. She was attempting to style her own hair when she wrapped a comb in them until it was completely stuck. Liz had no option except to cut it out. Oh well, they’ll grow back in a year or so.

Getting Isaac to smile a normal smile is kind of a challenge. You almost have to surprise him. I remember when Sydney had the same issue. I guess it goes with being a five-year-old.

Well, that’s it for now. Merry Christmas from the Johnsons.