Wow. Can I just say that I am a bit freaked out by current trends in government spending, government intrusion and the current/former self-avowed COMMUNISTS who are advising our President (and all he would ever do in debates when asked about HIS youthful Marxist ideals was chuckle a bit and avoid answering)?

  • Government Bailouts of financial institutions and businesses followed by government seizure and takeover (Does the former USSR come to mind?)
  • STIMULUS $$$
  • Cash for Clunkers
  • Cash for Appliances
  • Socialized Health Care
  • Cap and Trade
  • Spending, spending, spending, spending, spending… Money that we DON’T have!!!
  • The new “Diversity” guy for the FCC – Does the First Amendment come to mind? Anyone?
  • Ordinary citizens being labeled as “racist,” “gun-toting terrorists,” “GOP puppets.”
  • President Obama has now declared we should have a civilian defence agency to protect us inside our USA borders that he says should be as highly trained and funded as our military. The KGB? Besides, don’t we already have civilian defence – like our police force, etc?

I guess I should order my own copy of the Communist Manifesto so I can be better appraised as to what our future looks like. Sorry kids if your future kind of sucks.

Here are some of my solutions to the previous problems:

  • Freeze government spending
  • Complete Tax reform – complete wipe out of the current system replacing it with the FairTax (go to FairTax.org for info)
  • Clearly the current president is NOT supporting our ideals and freedoms and has abusively spent our money. He should be impeached. I mean, it’s not really fair that Madoff should be jailed for his Ponzi scheme and the president should get away scott free.
  • Make all elected politicians read the Constitution and Declaration of Independence EVERY DAY. (And study the words of the founding fathers who wrote these documents (at least once a year – more often if necessary).
  • Get out of the United Nations
  • Promote personal responsibility (really, I think this would be the hardest to do)

Sorry folks, but I am not running for President in 2012…

And I’m sorry if this all seems really out of character for me but I just had to put it down on paper so to speak. I am no republican (sorry dad) but I am clearly a capitalist and conservative. And in all fairness I was almost equally opposed to the Bush administration – not protecting our borders, increasing federal government, federal government directing local education, and increasing our federal debt into the trillions of dollars.

Just an aside – our total deficit is somewhere around 11 trillion dollars right now. Add to that social security and medicare benefits and it all totals to something like $120 trillion. We are talking about numbers that the human mind cannot not even conceive!

1 million seconds = 11 1/2 days
1 billion seconds = 32 years
1 trillion seconds = 31,700 YEARS!!!

Our federal government is grabbing power that they DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE!!! When our founding fathers created the constitution they had in mind a republic that would be governed at the state level about 95% of the time during peace.

That’s all. Well, I might be back with another tantrum later…


Sydney: Mom, do you ever get that feeling that you don’t want to do something even though you have to do it?

Mom: (stunned silence followed by a sigh of resignation and a consortium of thoughts revolving in my mind…) Yes, Sydney, I do get that feeling sometimes. (Daily – hourly sometimes – and admittedly, mostly involving the rearing of children).