Wow. Can I just say that I am a bit freaked out by current trends in government spending, government intrusion and the current/former self-avowed COMMUNISTS who are advising our President (and all he would ever do in debates when asked about HIS youthful Marxist ideals was chuckle a bit and avoid answering)?

  • Government Bailouts of financial institutions and businesses followed by government seizure and takeover (Does the former USSR come to mind?)
  • STIMULUS $$$
  • Cash for Clunkers
  • Cash for Appliances
  • Socialized Health Care
  • Cap and Trade
  • Spending, spending, spending, spending, spending… Money that we DON’T have!!!
  • The new “Diversity” guy
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Sydney: Mom, do you ever get that feeling that you don’t want to do something even though you have to do it?

Mom: (stunned silence followed by a sigh of resignation and a consortium of thoughts revolving in my mind…) Yes, Sydney, I do get that feeling sometimes. (Daily – hourly sometimes – and admittedly, mostly involving the rearing of children).