No Training Wheels!!!

My little guy is riding a two-wheeler with NO training wheels! Peter has been spending a lot of time outside with Isaac the last week to help Isaac accomplish this task. Today he proved he could turn around fairly well and he can get himself started most of the time. Way to go Isaac! Now we can go on real family bike rides.

Fun with Hair

We have been experimenting a bit with some hairstyles for Sydney. The little girl cutesy hair-bow phase of life is about ended so together, Sydney and I have been trying some new “hip” hairdos. This double-braid style is my (me as in Liz) favorite new one so far.

Sydney calls the above hairdo “hope” because it resembles the breast cancer awareness ribbon. I don’t think this hairdo will be making a debut in the fourth grade hallway…

All the girls at school are doing zig-zag parts in their hair.

I did not get pictures of Sydney’s creations called the “octabun” and the “dolphin tail.” They are something else…

Random pictures from Utah

Family Hike July 24th to Lake Mary in Brighton.

My mom took this picture. I do not cut people’s heads off.
(front: Isaac, Pascal, Sydney, Cedric. Back: Tyler, Megan)

The Days of ’47 Children’s Parade. The kids were asked to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up. Sydney dressed up as an artist and Isaac went as a baseball player.

Tyler and I on our hike with my mom to Dog Lake.

Aunt Michelle is everyone’s favorite!

Boys climb trees. It’s what they do. Below is my nephew “flying” out of this tree. I just thought it was a way cool picture! Go Pascal!

Grand Canyon

After about 3 days and 37 hours of driving we made it to the Grand Canyon.

We were lucky to see some California Condors.

This spider was in the men’s bathroom on one of the trails. Just thought we should warn you if you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon.

There is actually very good cell phone reception (unless you hike down into the canyon).

We forgot to pack jackets so we had to stop at a Wal-mart in Flagstaff, AZ. Sydney ended up with this goofy red sweater. Liz ended up with a PINK jacket. Those were the pickins for cold weather gear in June. Go figure. We’re thankful we got them because it was cool all day at the Grand Canyon.