Utah or Bust

Roadtrip! Utah, here we come!

  • 2 kids + 40 hours driving = crazy parents

We should arrive in Sandy, UT on June 19th and will be there until July 27th. If you want to get together while we’re there, let me know!

I will definitely update the blog with pictures from the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and our wild crazy adventures in the great state of Utah.

Toothfairy $$$

I knew this morning that Sydney was going to have two teeth extracted at the dentist’s office (Yikes!) so I raided my money stash for toothfairy money. Nothing.

Later as I was getting dressed I noticed something was in the pocket of my capri pants. Two wadded up and very clean (cause they went through the washer) dollar bills! I don’t think I can rightfully chalk this coincidence up to a tithing blessing but I’ll take it.