Sunrise, Sunset

Peter got this nice sunrise shot on his way to work last week. I have yet to see a sunrise here. Totally pathetic I know.

We went to Busch Gardens, an amusement park in Tampa, for Spring Break. Here’s my kids getting sugar highs on soda pop.

On our way back home we stopped at the temple in Orlando.

Peter and Isaac wore matching soccer ball ties. I made them using the Maggie Grindstaff Preferred Method.

I got Sydney this peach colored skirt and white sweater. They are both two sizes too big on her and look terrible and I
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We love our new camera!

I love that I can easily get pictures like this with Isaac in mid-air! This is REALLY what Isaac looks like – a big blur of motion.

Sydney is easy to photograph because she holds still.

Peter played with the focus on the camera while photographing this bush in our back yard. In real life the bush does NOT look this cool. Those National Geographic photographers just have really good cameras. Maybe Peter should apply?
Where did you go on Saturday? We went across the street to the beach in between conference sessions.
Isaac had lots of fun splashing in
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