I guess I should update this here blog

I haven’t been blogging lately because I have not had the time or inclination to do it. This morning I finally had the thought to take some pictures of my two adorable children to post here, but alas, the batteries in the camera were dead and I do not have any extra AA batteries. I have like a zillion AAA batteries (because of the new pulsating toothbrushes we recently invested in). Maybe I’ll have to take some pictures of our super clean teeth for later…

Here’s a little snippet about each person in the extraordinary Johnson family:

Isaac – I … Read the rest

David Archuleta who?

Today in sacrament meeting it was announced that there would be a youth fireside this evening at the stake center featuring David Archuletta of American Idol fame. Although I had never watched American Idol, I did recognize the name from the news.

This evening I had a Relief Society meeting at the church and who should show up at the church to warm up before travelling to the stake center? Well, you can guess. The RS president wanted to see him so she could brag to her daughter so we went out in the hallway as a group of guys … Read the rest

I made rolls!

All of my previous attempts at making rolls left me with NO motivation to try again. Little bricks are no fun to eat no matter how much butter you slather on them.

Well, in a moment of deep humility, I turned to Peter and asked him to teach me. I wrote down the instructions in detail to help me in the future. The result: the rolls turned out quite nicely! I love my bread baking husband!