November 2008 – One Fast Blur of a Month

Wow! Is November almost over? I have NOT had time to sit and write on my blog this month. To much has been going on and too few pictures have been taken. In fact, I am going to post every picture I took this month (I did delete most of the pictures Isaac took when he got a hold of the camera). You will notice that one of my children is noticeably missing from the pictures. I will not be winning the “Mother of the Month” award. Here it goes:

We’re just waiting for her other top middle tooth to
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Busy Busy Busy but I can’t remember why…

The reason I have missed two Sundays in a row is because we have been so BUSY! But the funny thing is, is that now I have time to sit and write a little bit, nothing is coming to mind. This may take some time to rack my brain – I have not been writing little tid-bits in my planner to help me remember the events of the last couple of weeks.

  • I smoked our new Kitchen Aid this morning. I had bread kneading in the mixer and when it only had about two minutes left it starting smelling like
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Our Kids Were the Cutest Kids on Halloween!

Sydney’s class at school had a game where four groups got to wrap someone up like a mummy. Sad to say, Syd’s group was the least organized! It was so funny to watch.
All I could think was “I know how much toilet paper costs!” At least it wasn’t money just going down the toilet… (puns are terrible)
Sydney was excited to have wavy hair the day after having French braids.
Isaac singing along with his preschool “Fall Festival” program.
Isaac’s preschool parade.
Our pumpkins. Opal and Scooby Dooey. The kids named them.
This is Isaac at our Ward Trunk-or-Treat.
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