November 2008 – One Fast Blur of a Month

Wow! Is November almost over? I have NOT had time to sit and write on my blog this month. To much has been going on and too few pictures have been taken. In fact, I am going to post every picture I took this month (I did delete most of the pictures Isaac took when he got a hold of the camera). You will notice that one of my children is noticeably missing from the pictures. I will not be winning the “Mother of the Month” award. Here it goes:

We’re just waiting for her other top middle tooth to come out… It’s hanging there by a thread.

“Don’t cross your legs when you’re playing the piano, Sydney.” Will she ever be tall enough to reach the pedals?

Giving Roger my monthly 2 minutes of attention. And if you think I look pasty white in this picture, you should have seen it before I attacked it with my handy photo editing software…

Peter’s better at giving Roger the loves he needs but sometimes I have to remind Peter that his wife needs some head scratches too…

  • I spent all morning today at Isaac’s preschool helping set up their Thanksgiving “feast.” It consisted of cornbread, ham and turkey (deli slices), cubed cheese, grapes, carrots and brownies. Yeah – I didn’t have to feed him lunch when we got home!
  • We are having two families over tomorrow for Thanksgiving. Our new neighbors and a guy who works with Peter is bringing his wife and kid. We have usually had 4-5 families over every year so this one is going to be very quiet. I don’t think I am going to mind that.
  • Peter will be busy making rolls tonight and getting our turkey ready tomorrow. The rest of the food should magically appear when the guests arrive. All I have to do is set the paper plates on the table! Thanksgiving is always so easy for me!
  • Sydney went to the eye doctor after not being able to see the hymn numbers posted during sacrament meeting. The doctor wrote her a prescription for glasses. We went to Sam’s Club and picked out some frames for her. She only has to wear them when she needs to see things far away like at church and school. I think she’ll look so cute in them! I’ll post pictures later.
  • After griping and complaining about all of the modern women’s clothing styles I went on a date with Peter to Kohl’s and actually found some cute stuff. Two new pairs of jeans, a few t-shirts and a gray sweater to wear with my black skirt. As much as I hate shopping for clothes, I like taking Peter with me. I appreciate his opinions and he has kept me from buying things that I don’t really like.
  • On that same date, we went to Men’s Wearhouse and bought Peter two new suits! I have been wanting to do this since we were first married but they are so darned expensive. I can’t wait until next week when we get to go pick them up! And no… he did not get called into the bishopric or anything. I think Peter and I are done buying clothes for a LONG time.
  • I did not actually smoke our new Kitchen Aid like I thought I did. It just got overworked and stopped. It started up later that afternoon just fine. Phew!!!
  • I did have some shoe shopping drama this month. After wearing a pair of brown leather shoes for about four years I finally decided this was the year I was going to replace them. Now mind you, I should have replace them a year or two ago but shopping is not my thing. I went to a few stores that actually had some cute shoes, but did they have them in a size 7 1/2? Of course not – I even asked the very knowledgeable shoe sales people if they had extras in the back. No. No. No. The last store I went to (and it was the last because I was actually able to get some shoes) was a department store called Beall’s. They had way cute brown leather shoes – but not in a 7 1/2. BUT – they ordered them for me and shipped them to MY HOUSE WITH NO SHIPPING COST! They came the next day in the mail and they fit great! And the bonus is they cost about $21.00 – not the $60.00 I was planning on.
  • I did way more shopping this month than I want to do in the next four years. I feel like saying damn. I hope you’re not offended. I only swear about once every four years (it probably coincides with frustrated moments of intense clothes shopping).
  • I am done Christmas shopping. I think. I hope. Oh wait…

I have many more exciting things to say but I want to go read a book.

That’s all folks…

Busy Busy Busy but I can’t remember why…

The reason I have missed two Sundays in a row is because we have been so BUSY! But the funny thing is, is that now I have time to sit and write a little bit, nothing is coming to mind. This may take some time to rack my brain – I have not been writing little tid-bits in my planner to help me remember the events of the last couple of weeks.

  • I smoked our new Kitchen Aid this morning. I had bread kneading in the mixer and when it only had about two minutes left it starting smelling like hot metal and then it just went kaput. Good thing it came with a warranty! Just my luck…
  • I am sick and tired with the moms at Isaac’s preschool who are SO into the whole fund-raising thing. I’m not going to expound. Instead I am going to put a fake smile on my face and just grin and bear it.
  • I added some new book reviews to my Dizzie Lizzie Can Read blog. After a long, drawn out four week struggle, I finally finished reading The Last of the Mohicans.
  • I am almost done Christmas shopping!
  • Isaac is doing a great job with reading. Today he read “This cat is sad. This cat is sick.”
  • Sydney has been doing a great job with her spelling words lately. Historically, spelling is not the best subject in the Johnson side of the family. She is starting to learn multiplication and her handwriting is improving some. Yeah Sydney!
  • I am working on memorizing scriptures in the New Testament (the scripture mastery verses from seminary). So now instead of reading a book while I am in the car loop picking up Isaac, I am trying to memorize. So far this week I have memorized four scriptures.
  • We just found a new white shirt and tie for Peter at Ross. There is a brand new Ross store down the street from us; it has been very exciting. I bought a new purple dress and a black skirt with gold embroidery. Two Sundays ago I showed up at church in the new black skirt only to find a good friend of mine wearing the same thing. The thing that is even funnier about this is that she and I bought matching skirts about a year ago with a similar experience. At least we’re consistent… Most women would be horrified but I think it’s funny.
  • We have been experiencing some nice cool weather this week (in the 60’s). I wouldn’t have any heartache if it stayed that way all year. I’m pretty sure that heaven is about 65 degrees outside all the time.

I feel like Peter and my kids got the short end of the stick on this post, but I guess that’s how it goes sometimes. I am looking forward to having friends over for Thanksgiving and watching Peter cook the turkey and make the rolls; food tastes so much better when I don’t have to cook it.

Our Kids Were the Cutest Kids on Halloween!

Sydney’s class at school had a game where four groups got to wrap someone up like a mummy. Sad to say, Syd’s group was the least organized! It was so funny to watch.

All I could think was “I know how much toilet paper costs!” At least it wasn’t money just going down the toilet… (puns are terrible)

Sydney was excited to have wavy hair the day after having French braids.

Isaac singing along with his preschool “Fall Festival” program.

Isaac’s preschool parade.

Our pumpkins. Opal and Scooby Dooey. The kids named them.

This is Isaac at our Ward Trunk-or-Treat.

Sydney is always such a princess.

I told you my kids were the cutest kids on Halloween! And I obviously have the pictures to prove it!

“It’s a plane…it’s a blue blob…no, it’s Superman going down a large bouncy slide!”

I don’t know who decided that it would be a good idea to give snow cones to kids in costume. Sydney spilled red syrup down her dress.

I wonder if I could write a fairy tale or adventure story/movie script that includes Snow White and Superman. Do you think any major motion picture companies would be willing to buy the script?

Here is our week in a bullet list:

  • Sydney performed a duo piano piece called “Pretzel Prance” with me at my student recital yesterday. She did an excellent job!
  • Sydney got straight A’s on her report card!
  • Isaac had way too much fun dressing up as Superman. We got some black and white TV episodes of Superman from 1952 starring George Reeves. They are totally hokey but don’t tell Isaac – he loves it!
  • We are reading The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo and then we are going to watch the movie in December when it comes out!
  • I am really liking exclamation points this week!!!
  • Peter managed to be at home most of October – he only had one three-day trip!
  • I went to our ward trunk-or-treat with a pregnant tummy for my costume. I thought most of the women in my ward would know it was a costume… I got a few congratulations and a few remarks along the line of, “that’s a mean joke.” I think it was a perfectly good joke.

That’s all folks…