Our Visit With Peter’s Mom

While Peter’s mom, Janice, came to visit we decided to take a day trip to Saint Augustine, America’s oldest European Settlement. It’s just 2 hours north of where we live.
Here Sydney is checking out the dining table in the “oldest” house. The shelf that is hanging from rope was the only food storage space available for fresh produce – everything else would go bad because there are no places to dig cellars in Florida. The shelf also kept rats out of the food that was on it.
An outdoor kitchen and garden.
Peter took this nice picture of some
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The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up

I thought that we were done getting pounded on by the rain. Apparently I was wrong. This last week we have been pounded again and there was not room in the garage to park my minivan (because of the two torn apart motorcycles that Peter has been working on) so I have been going out in the down pour about six times a day to drive kids to school and pick them up. The drainage ditches in our neighborhood were filled up with rain water and Lake Superior once again took up residence in our back yard. While driving Isaac … Read the rest

Mel and the Pesky Baseball Player came to visit

Aiden had lots of fun climbing on our stationary bike (which we are trying to get ride of if you want to trade us $50 for it). I had to keep reminding James, “Don’t worry, he’s not going to fall off.”

Here’s that Pesky uncle James hanging out with the kiddos and the dog. It is so confusing for the kids that they have two Uncles named James (one of my brothers is also named James – and strangely enough it is the rather peskier one).
Aiden and Isaac at Sea World.
Peter’s photogenic sister Melanie with her son Aiden
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