I know; this week’s post is late…

Sydney put on a little show for Peter and I. Here she is all dressed up to sing a song called I’m So Hot (which is a song about the planet Venus from a musical she was in last year). I don’t know where she gets her theatrical flair from…
“I’m cute and I know it.”
Sydney and Isaac playing with Roger
Isaac loves to jog/walk on the treadmill. Actually, he loves taking his shirt off and this is the only time he is allowed to do it in the house.
“I don’t want my picture taken.”
“Fine, take my picture. I’ll even pretend I’m happy about it.”
Just for the record, I don’t like this picture of myself. Do not comment on it.

Here is our week and a half in a bullet list:

  • Isaac LOVES preschool. He really loves the fact that there are other boys to play with. In his primary class he is the only boy most of the time.
  • Sydney LOVES third grade. I like her new teacher!
  • I LOVES the three hours of quiet while Isaac is at preschool.
  • Somehow I feel that I am cheating or something when both kids are at school. It’s weird to explain, but somehow it feels unnatural doing laundry and going grocery shopping by myself, but don’t worry, I’m sure I will adjust well.
  • Peter is in New Mexico this week.
  • We got a new dog (see the post just below this one to read about Roger).
  • My left eye has been twitching now for five days.
  • I really did not know that there was voting going on in our area yesterday. I hate to say it, but I did not vote because of ignorance.
  • Sydney’s new teacher has already put me to work on some folders that I can make at home.
  • After a few years of just dabbling in yoga I am ready to take it a step further. I find that I can really let go of all my stress while stretching and focusing on holding poses correctly. I just need to convince the dog to let me have my space…

That’s all folks…

Meet Roger

We drove out to Tampa this last Saturday to pick up our new dog, Roger. I have to say I had a hard time believing that there was a dog out there who does not bark, but I have been proven wrong!

He looks so much like our last dog, Lola, that I catch myself almost calling him by that name much of the time. Roger is very sweet tempered; he does not jump up on people, but his tail can whip pretty hard when he is excited; I have not heard one bark come out of him yet; he stays back when I open the front door and does not try to escape, and he is pretty content to just hang out on the floor.

Being a very out of shape dog, we are going to slowly acclimate him to an exercise routine. First I am working on helping him learn to walk on a leash; when he’s good at that we’ll start a walk/jog routine and work up to a full jog. After taking a pretty easy stroll around the block he is out of breath so we will work slowly with him. He also has a difficult time making it up and down the stairs – almost falling down the last few stairs every time down. I pretty much run up and down them so I started going slowly to help pace him and that seems to have helped.

Now every dog has some bad traits so I will discuss them here. He likes to chew on his bone and his stuffed duck which is fine, but the kid’s stuffed animals and toys look tempting. After chewing the leg off of Batman, the kids have been warned to keep their toys put away (this may turn out to be a good thing…). He likes to sit under the grand piano and so I am VERY QUICKLY working on breaking him of this habit – every time he tried to sit near or under the piano I directed him to another spot of floor and praised him.


Fay Just Wouldn’t Stay Away…

So Tropical Storm Fay ended up causing a lot more flooding in our area than I originally thought. We have been sitting in our new home in our newly designed neighborhood with excellent water drainage ditches and retention ponds. Our little lake the back yard was nothing. Apparently for the small coastline area we live, Fay created the worst flooding in 50 years (the tropical storm just hovered over our area for two days pouring rain on us).

And though the rain and wind are gone and the tropical storm has moved north, much of our area (especially the mainland area where they got 26 inches of rain in two days) is under water. No one from church that we know of has personally experienced their home being flooded, but there are plenty of homes and buildings in the area that have not been as fortunate. Super Wal-mart and Super Target both ended up with a foot of water covering the entire floor.

Here are a couple of links you can check out to see some of the flooding in our area:

Beachside Flooding in Satellite Beach
(this family lives in our neighborhood so you can see how close to us the flooding got)

The Mainland Side (Melbourne, FL)

So school is out again (school in our county has been out Tuesday – Friday the first week of school) while the water continues to recede.

Tropical Storm Fay

Tropical Storm Fay has been working her way around Florida for a few days now. The eye went over us about four or five hours ago and so far we have received about 8-12 inches of rain (with plenty more still to come). The storm is expected to strengthen over the Atlantic Ocean overnight before turning back and coming inland again. Howling winds and pelting rain kept me up all night – my beauty sleep was cut short and I have not been a pretty sight.

The conditions have been bad enough that school has been cancelled three out of five days so far this week (the first week of school)! The kids are going crazy – they don’t want to be at home and Peter has been at home from work, causing some wee tid-bits of marital strife ;o) The Johnson family is going stir crazy!!!

Two of our windows are leaking (one has a garbage can with two inches of water in the bottom of it). There are downed power lines on a major highway next to our neighborhood. And multiple buildings on Patrick Air Force Base have been considerably damaged.

One of the great lakes has been relocated to our backyard and the Colorado River is now running down the ditch along the front of our street.

Lake Superior, Florida
The Colorado River runneth over… (it’s not horribly obvious but the parking strip is about two feet deep and is full of water).

But mom, we’re not going to die.

The First Day of School

Everyone once in a while I am able to snap an adorable picture of my two children. I love this picture! The night before school the kids both picked out what to wear:

Isaac picked out some very comfortable digs.
Sydney picked out a cute dress to wear.
“Say Cheese!”
This is what I normally get when I ask Isaac to smile:
Here he sort of gave in and did a grin.
Two cheesy kids.
Sydney sitting at her desk in Mrs. Smith’s classroom. She already knows most of the kids in her class!

Here is Isaac with his friend Dayton (who broke his leg right after swim lessons were over) waiting for preschool to start. Isaac was bummed because he and Dayton are not in the same class (they have two classes).

Isaac hanging up his backpack. After going into the preschool he didn’t look back…
And just ’cause I love this picture, you get to see it again.
And again (just for grandma)!And this is my favorite:
Here is our week in a bullet list:

  • The kids had their first day of school today. Isaac was so tired after preschool that he sacked out on the couch after lunch. I DID NOT have a problem keeping busy while they were gone.
  • I gave Sydney a haircut last week – it turned out pretty well.
  • Isaac is in need of a haircut.
  • I am also in need of a haircut.
  • Peter made Naan bread yesterday and posted his recipe here.
  • The kids really enjoyed the first day of school, but it looks like day number two will be cancelled. We are having a tropical storm warning in our area – we plan on getting dumped on tonight while we are sleeping. Even though we already have lots of water and food storage, I still went to the Commissary this morning to buy more bottled water and some fresh fruit. We went around the yard and took all of our yard decorations/chairs, etc… into the garage. Also, Patrick Air Force Base is closed tomorrow so Peter gets a day off of work!
  • We will be going to see a Golden Retriever this Saturday – he sounds like a very pleasant dog. He does not jump up on people, he rarely barks, he likes to please, and he likes car rides and running. Being two years old he is still a bit of a puppy but he’ll grow out of that. We have to drive all the way to Tampa (about 2 1/2 hours away) to see him. Here’s a picture of him (he looks a lot like our last dog, Lola, but he weighs 70 pounds as opposed to 25 pounds). Golden Retrievers are big!

Hot Pads are Versatile

Isaac claimed that the dishes would get put away faster if he was wearing hot pads on his feet. I don’t think he was quite right about that, but it sure made for some fun pictures and I think the kitchen floor benefited from the extra dust-mopping…

Here’s our week in a bullet list:

  • I gave a talk in sacrament meeting today. The topic was Personal Revelation. Click on the link if you want to read my talk. Peter helped me stay on task last night as I finished writing it – I was getting a little loopy around 10:00 PM. And here are the pictures that Peter drew for the kids while I was giving my talk in sacrament meeting:

  • For music time in primary today we played a rousing game of “Name That Tune” because I did not spend any time preparing something new…
  • Peter has been stripping, re-painting and detailing his old motorcyle to get it ready to sell so that he’ll have some money to finish fixing up the newer one. Isaac had fun helping his dad out in the garage.
  • A lady from the Golden Retriever Rescue place came to our house to visit yesterday to see if our home would be able to accommodate a large dog. We passed the test! It may take a couple of weeks or three or four months before the right dog is matched with our family but that’s alright. They will not place a dog with us who has not lived with children before and we requested specifically a dog that does not bark all the time. They claim they have a 99% accuracy rate in matching dogs with families.
  • Sydney and Isaac had fun playing with the rescue lady’s Golden Retriever. Sydney kept getting him bowls of water. Isaac had fun making faces at the dog. I think he is getting excited to have a dog – before yesterday he kept saying, “I don’t want any other dog but Lola.” (Lola was our last dog).
  • Isaac gets to go meet his new preschool teachers this Thursday!
  • Sydney has Mrs. Smith for third grade this next year (the teacher I secretly wanted her to have)!
  • This week I made the best looking loaves of bread that I have ever made!

That’s all folks…

As for this weeks poll my favorite boy names for a male dog are Nigel and Roger, although Sergei really intrigues me; for a girl I like Jane and Sophie, or maybe even something wild like Esperanza. Of course, you’ll have to wait and find out what the official dog name will be… I might shake things up and pick something that is not on the list! I name the dogs – Peter knows that I won’t agree to getting a dog unless I get to name it. Since I can’t seem to have any more kids, this is a creative outlet for me to name something. Maybe I should get an aquarium full of fish, or maybe start a collection of stuffed birds just so I can name them…

When I was younger (like around 5th and 6th grade) I used up pages and pages of my journal writing down lists of names for girls and boys. My favorite girl name for a long time was Princessa. I think Sydney might have actually like that. I wasn’t that concerned about boy names because, you know, boys are gross and all (I know – I live with two of them).

Sorry about our little adoption prank (not really). ;o)

I love Isaac even though he ripped up our couch…

So Isaac got a hold of my seam ripper and decided to attack the couch with it. He managed to rip three, six-inch holes along the back and side of the couch and three small holes on the left arm. I am still working on sewing up the large holes and just hoping that he doesn’t get a hold of them to rip them farther. I don’t know how I managed to keep my cool when he did this; when I discovered what happened I just marched him up to his room (for longer than usual) and took care of it. I will NOT be buying a new couch because it is highly likely that something like this could happen in the future.
Here are the small rips that I finished sewing up. Not lovely.
Here is Isaac mixing play-dough colors right after I reminded him not to…
Sydney decided to try one of my exercise videos.
Last week before church Isaac decided to do his own hairdo. He wants to have a mohawk so bad. Sorry kiddo; mom combed it down.
Here is Sydney getting ready for the performance of Geology Rocks.

This is my fantastic yard sale find (I don’t much care for yard sales but we were jogging around the neighborhood and decided to stop and check it out). I got this suit for $2.00! Isaac is not enthusiastic about it. I told him I would give him a quarter if he kept it on for church today – he kept it on during sacrament meeting but took it off before primary, so no quarter today. Mom thinks he looks quite handsome!
Don’t take a picture of me in this monkey suit!

Here is our week in a bullet list:

  • Isaac ripped up the couch. AAARGH!
  • Sydney finished up swim lessons. She can now basically swim on her own. We went to a friends house on Friday afternoon and she was able to swim on her own with her friends for the first time! I’m going to continue private swim lessons next year.
  • Peter got to do a little bit of site-seeing in Washington D.C. this week.
  • Isaac got some new underwear: Power Rangers, Batman and a Disney combo pack. He’s excited about it and can’t wait for preschool to start so he can wear them.
  • Sydney is learning to cook – she made a grilled cheese sandwich this week for lunch; for dinner tonight she made the rice and cooked the green beans. I told her they were the best I have ever had.
  • I’m getting ready for a new year of piano lessons.
  • Two more weeks until school!
  • Two more weeks until mine and Peter’s 10th anniversary (it is the same day as the beginning of school – August 18th)!
  • We get to walk over to the elementary school tomorrow to see who Sydney’s teacher will be for third grade.
  • Check below on the post called “We’re Adopting” to hear our exciting news!

That’s all folks…

Sorry there was no poll last week. I have been a bit flaky this last week.

Geology Rocks

Sydney got to perform in a musical yesterday that is called Geology Rocks. She played the part of Snow White and got to sing a solo! Why Snow White? Because she knew seven little dwarves who were miners; hence an opportunity to discuss many different rocks and gems in a cute little song and loosely tie it to the overall theme. For more detail on her Snow White costume that I sewed check it out on my Dizzie Lizzie blog.

Here are a few pictures of Sydney singing during her solo called Seven Little Miners.
Seven little miners with something new to try, seven little miners, goodbye! (Join in singing anytime)!
What a cutie!
She remembered all of her lines and exhibited no signs of stage fright. She’s a natural.
Sydney also got to be part of a doo wop trio in a song about the Earth. She was fantastic! She is the short one in the middle in case you couldn’t figure that out.

Here she is holding up the second letter ‘P’ when the kids all discover that Professor Rock has disappeared!
The musical was recorded and they director is going to make a DVD so hopefully I should be able to put her scene on the blog in a couple of months.

We’re adopting!

We have put in our adoption papers and are ready to add to our family! Of course this is a complete surprise to everyone but surprises are nice sometimes. Since we don’t know if we will be adopting a girl or a boy we need some help choosing a name – check out the poll on the right hand side and let us know what you like best (not that that will influence our decision in any way). A lady is coming to our home this coming Saturday to meet with us.

After a lot of hum-hawing and thought we have decided to go through this slow but exciting process. Now if you have actually read down this far in the post I will finally divulge that we will be adopting a dog (a Golden Retriever to be more exact). I just like to mess with people’s minds…

We found a local adoption agency just for Golden Retrievers in Florida. What we really like about it is that they only take in pure-breads and each dog stays with a foster family for a couple of months. The foster family gets to know the dog before trying to match it with the right family. Wish us luck!