Summers are Better

The sun has come out, I’ve had at least enough time outside to turn my skin from a ghostly white to something more normal, and I’m the better for it. Winters have always been hard. This one was no exception. But as the sun comes out, the temperatures climb, and the world comes out of hibernation, it’s easier to overlook the stupid in the world and crap that bothers me to find a few minutes of joy — or at least peace — with my bare feet in the cool grass or straddling my motorcycle with wind in my face. Thank heaven for summers.

Edit: The transmission on my motorcycle ate itself 500 miles after the rebuild, and I only got two or three rides in this summer. So much for that. Then I ended up spending almost all of the summer working on a large re-scoping and proposal. I still haven’t had time to look more closely at the motorcycle to decide if it’s even fixable. I wasted the summer, and now it’s gone. What have I done?

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