From Florida to Utah

While trekking across the country we stayed at KAO camp sites in their Kabins. With kids this was much more fun than being stuck in a hotel room. In the mornings they were able to get outside, walk the dog, play around, and help clean up!

Super-Smokers restaurant in St. Louis Missouri. Supposedly a national champion barbeque place, and although I thought it was pretty good, I’ve had other good BBQ other places.

I love the modern and stream-lined menu above.

The KOA in St. Louis, Missouri had hills! My kids have not had a single hill to ride their bikes and scooters on in the last three years. What a thrill!

Independence, Missouri
Above is a picture of the Community of Christ (formerly the RLDS church) temple. Weird.

Peter took these pictures from our camp site in Salina, Kansas. He’s getting pretty good!

Entering Utah!!!

This picture is so Isaac!

Stay tuned for my next instalment of pictures titled “Utah Vacation…”

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