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Not much to say this week.

On Saturday we went to Sea World – it was hot and crowded; but to be fair, we knew it would be that way before we left. We had a nice time and saw a couple of shows we had not seen before. Most of the pictures from Sea World were pretty bad…

As for the poll from last week I guess that Peter is going to be a bald, grumpy, old mission president…I bet that will be effective!

Summer Chore Charts

I had a request to see the summer chore charts that I made.

So here’s how I made the chore charts. I simply printed on an 8 1/2 X 11 piece of card stock my kids names (i.e. Sydney’s Chore Chart). I found some clip art and enlarged it to the correct size for chore pockets. I printed up pictures of chores for Isaac and just printed Sydney’s chores in words. I cut everything out, got them laminated, and cut them out again. Then with invisible thread I sewed the pockets onto the chart. For Isaac’s chart I made interchangeable … Read the rest

Isaac is an aspiring photographer…

Isaac and his friend Dylan at the ward Memorial Day picnic. They sat and banged their heads against the wall. Go figure.
Isaac wearing his new t-shirt
Sydney wearing her new t-shirt. I wanted one too but the only one’s for adults were stupid.
Here is the pink jacket I finished making that goes with Syd’s white dress. I only have one more dress to finish sewing for her; thankfully I already have it cut out.
Sorry folks, but I just cannot get a sweet and normal picture of Isaac. He does not send his regards and he would rather … Read the rest