This weekend we packed up the family for a short trip to the coast to test out the recently acquired pop-up trailer.  Not a lot to say other than whoever thought tin-foil dinners were a good idea in the sweltering heat of a South-Texas summer needs to have their head checked.  It’s bad enough cooking over a fire when it’s cool outside, but doing it at 95+ degrees in the coastal humidity sucks!  The worst part of the whole deal is that I don’t really have anyone to blame but myself.  I was the one that put together that part of the menu.  Even cooking with the smallest fire I could make was enough to make me wonder why anyone would settle this part of the country before air conditioning.


Isaac went right to hitting trees with sticks, messing around with his new fixed-blade knife, and generally enjoying being dirty.  He also decided that the mustang grapes growing all over were fairly tasty and fun to play with.


The heat didn’t stop Michael from making the most of an opportunity to throw stuff into the fire.  He must be a true boy at heart.  I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I think this picture captured the only time during the whole trip where we were able to convince him to wear something on his feet.


Sydney made the most of things by dressing up in camouflage from head-to-toe.  I guess she figured she could hide from Michael and Isaac better that way.  Unfortunately for her, there weren’t any cute boys in the neighboring campsites.  Apparently we chose to camp in the geriatric ward.  Our kids were about the only ones around.


If you look closely, you can see my favorite part of the trailer… the air conditioner on top.  It’s tough to keep up when it’s near 100 and humid, but the air conditioner managed to take the edge off and give us somewhere to seek relief from the oppressive heat.

Two days at the beach and we were sunburned enough to satisfy our vitamin D requirements for a while, but you won’t see pictures.  I forgot to bring the waterproof camera, and I have a poor track-record with cell phones and salt water.  You’ll just have to imagine Sydney, Isaac, and Michael playing in the bathwater-warm surf for hours on end while Liz and I enjoy doing nothing under a sun canopy.   I think we’ll have to go back again when it’s not so awful hot.  Maybe next time I’ll remember the waterproof camera.

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