Meet Cocoa

The coyotes seem to have given us a break recently.  Between permanently moving Thornton outside and doing a better job making sure the electric fence isn’t shorted out, we haven’t lost any animals to predators in a few months.  So what do we do to celebrate…  get more animals I guess.

Nippa the milk machine had a pair of very nice kids last March.  Rex, the boy, has found a home with Linda’s (the lady we got Nippa from) neighbour,  but Linda figured Nippa could use some company and sent Cocoa our way rather than continue to spend money to feed her.  Meet Cocoa.


So, how does Nippa feel about having her daughter around to keep her company?  Let’s ask…  Are you happy Nippa?


That’s a resounding YES!

Both Nippa and Cocoa have been bred and will be kidding sometime around the first week in March.  Nippa has a track record of throwing two kids each year, so if Cocoa has two we could have up to six goats within a few months.  Not quite like rabbits, but still pretty awesome.  More milk and some cabrito assuming we end up with a male or two.

On the flip-side, since Thornton has been banished outside to discourage coyotes and for tracking in unacceptable levels of mud and other dirt, he has become very lonely and somewhat depressed.  I think we’ll get him a friend next.  It’s almost disturbing how quickly animals multiply here (unless it’s a cat).

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