An Unusual Project

What do you get when a formally trained engineer/scientist and a classically trained pianist/liberal arts genius work together?  Sounds like a lead up to some kind of joke, right?  Or maybe you’re thinking this is some reference to my kids.  Neither are right.   While my kids would be a logical and technically correct answer, that isn’t the one I’m looking for.  When it comes down to it, this reference is about a project in the early stages of development.  You see, Liz and I are about to embark on a project that, if successful, will answer this question in the … Read the rest

Buzzword Bingo

Established by the vision board,
To trim the fat and make us lean,
Empowerment across the staff,
Sharpen swords and keep them clean,
Integrate and harmonize,
Seamless through the Enterprise,
Leverage strengths and globalize,
Responsive teams that synergize,
Framed in modularity,
With built-in scalability,
Lulls me to tranquility,
Of somnolent serenity.

Out of Gas

By this point in my role as a parent, I thought I’d told all the tellable stories to my kids.  In fact, they know them so well that they tend to try to tell them for me when we meet someone new.  However, I was surprised yesterday to discover one that Sydney, at least, hadn’t heard.  We were talking with some family friends and the subject of Sydney locking her keys in the car when she went to fill up the tank came up.  Naturally, that spurred a memory and a resulting story that I assumed my family had already … Read the rest


I wanted once a thousand things,
That seem never to be mine.
My preference doesn't merit much,
To fate I am resigned.

My course in life seems rigid set,
To shores I'd wouldn't see.
Blown away from hopes and dreams,
Created just by me.

So drifting fast in currents swift,
I'm tempted to give in.
And dream no more or cherish wants,
But follow with the wind.

Camping with a CPAP

When I was a kid, money was almost always tight.  With a large family to feed, there was rarely anything left for the kind of extravagant activities many people associate with a vacation.  As an alternative, we would go camping.  The highlight of most Summers was generally a trip up into the mountains to escape the heat and get away from the everyday grind.  Many of my favorite memories from this formative period in my life revolve around Alpine lakes and trails in North East Utah.

Unfortunately, work called me away from the Mountain West many years ago, and many … Read the rest