Let it Lie

A monster that devours peace
Fosters weakness, pains increase
Draining Joy from all around
Stealing smiles wherever found
Slumbers now just out of sight
Banished using all my might

What e're you do, don't stir the beast
Or give it reason in the least
From it's lair to venture out
Again to rampage, cry and shout
Just let the sleeping demon be
So I can heal the happy me.


How do you soothe an injured soul just clinging on to hope,
Who just was dealt a deadly blow and is struggling to cope,
With private loss and shattered dreams all ruined in one blow,
And anguish, guilt and sorrow grave that none can ever know,
A  frightful future looming large looks nothing like the recent past,
Deep wondering if strength's enough and endurance can outlast.

While looking on I see the pain I nearly once went through,
Wishing against reason there was something I could do,
But knowing that there is no way to really comprehend,
Or anything that 
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The Troubled Deep

It's said that shallow waters always rush and rumble on their way, 
But slowing down and running deep they promise calm and happy days.
Yet deepest waters in the seas are subject to the wild storms,
Tossing, turning, blown around, sharp and rough like roses thorns.
Depth is no protection from the winds and storms of life,
No matter where we navigate we're never free of strife.


People who know me well know that I have a deep and enduring distrust of medical practitioners.  It doesn’t matter whether they  are conventional or not, I question the motives and quality of data behind the “scientific studies” and the actual knowledge of the practitioners.  In every case I’m aware of, there is a strong profit or other motivation to identify “conditions” for which there is a magic pill and convince you, or even better, your insurance company to pay for the magic potion indefinitely.  Several years ago I was dealing with some unexplained and fairly scary symptoms.  Over the … Read the rest

There is an answer…

It’s no secret that I’ve struggled greatly for most of the last year and a half.  Depression has gotten the better of me for a lot of that time and pains, difficulties, setbacks, and heartache that would have only been a mild irritant under normal circumstances have stacked up and thrown me well off balance — leaving me unstable.

Last Sunday, I was sitting in fast and testimony meeting listening to the traditional flow of shared testimony and experience with no intention of taking part in more than a strictly passive sense.  Sundays, in particular, have been very hard for … Read the rest

Saddle Sore

It's Been a while since I rode
More than just a spoon and fork
But today I switched it up
And rode my bike clear in to work.

My aching joints all creak and groan
They tell me I was such a nut,
And oh my legs complain and moan,
But not as loudly as my butt.