Unplaned Road Trip

Circumstances conspired to the point that recently I discovered a need to drive to central Wyoming, then find a way to keep myself occupied for a few days before heading home. As you look at these pictures, keep in mind that they were taken in June — i.e. summer. Without much explanation, some pictures for your enjoyment.

Devils Tower Wyoming (the missing ‘ is intentional and correct)
We camped just north of Sundance Wyoming, and each morning woke up to a new layer of wet snow. We hadn’t expected winter camping conditions in June.
Michael had more fund playing with friends for the half-day we stayed with the Messechers than during the rest of the trip. He’s a big fan on their battery-powered equipment like this hoverboard and several battery-driven minibikes.
Originally we had only planned to go to Devils Tower, but once we got that far, it wasn’t too far to a few other noteworthy sites.
Mount Rushmore was only a few hours away, and worth the drive. The mountain was hidden behind clouds for much of the time we were there, but it didn’t stop us. It looks like they are crying… I wonder why?
Michael and me. I was glad I had thrown several extra layers (like the fleece, gortex and other layers I have on) in the car. I didn’t plan on needing any of it, but Mother Nature had other ideas.
Michael and Isaac at Mt Rushmore. Given how cold and wet it was, and how many hours we spent in the car, the two of them got along amazingly well.
It ended up being a lot of driving, but we saw some amazing stuff and generally had a great time. We didn’t get good pictures (thanks to the weather) but we also went to the Crazy Horse monument and toured Crystal Cave National Monument. Well worth the price of admission.

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