Happy Father’s Day

For Father’s day this year, Liz interviewed Michael and provided me a run-down of the answers he provided.  You never know what you’re going to get when you ask a four-year-old questions, and in this case, the result can be quite funny.  The questions and his answers are provided below for your reading pleasure:

  1. How old is Dad?  20
  2. What is Dad’s favorite color?  Orange
  3. What is Dad’s favorite outfit to wear?  Shirts
  4. What is Dad’s favorite movie?  Jason Bourne
  5. Where was Dad born?  He was with Jesus before he was born
  6. Dad’s favorite sport is:  Soccer
  7. Dad doesn’t like: Coyotes
  8. Dad’s favorite food:  Egg scramble
  9. Dad’s favorite dessert:  Pumpkin pie
  10. Dad knows how to: Feed the chickens and check for eggs
  11. Dad’s favorite vacation spot: HEB (a local grocery store)
  12. Dad’s favorite animal: chickens
  13. Dad’s favorite restaurant: Dairy Queen
  14. My dad’s job is: Shoots his gun
  15. Dad weighs ___1___ lb
  16. Dad likes to: Goof around
  17. One day Dad will: Play with toys
  18. I love Dad because: he plays with toys with me

How accurate these answers are is a question you’ll have to resolve in your own minds.  It’s so hard for me to pick favorites, even on simple things like desserts.

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