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Lame attempts at poetry, generally written to please myself or as a form of self-prescribed therapy.

Recreational work

Stop, I'm told, and smell a rose.
Pause and take a break.
So I comply.
The smell offends my nose.

Why don't you do what others do?
I'm asked without words.
But I'm not them.
Must I pretend to be like you?

What's wrong with loving work?
Both the process and results?
Rest is wearying.
But labor refreshes and refuels.

Because I Can

I'm told it'd be better and cost less,
If I hired the experts to do it.
They reason true.
I know.

My time's too costly for stuff like this,
I should just pay someone else.
Again, they're right.
I know.

But money and time aren't the point,
I do it myself 'cause I can.
Joy has value.
I know.


Caught it…

The rumble of wheels on gravel
I prick my ears and take position
For years I've tried diligently but failed
Today is the day -- I will catch it today
I launch with all the power in me
It draws near and I lengthen my stride 
Barking fiercely and closing the gap
A mouthful of rubber -- thrill of success
Then searing pain and darkness close in
As I ask myself why I wanted this.


Inch Deep

Once fed by melting white snow
Tumbling quickly with great energy
Living rock yielded to the potent push
As it carved deeper and built strength
Life's elements careening down stream

Then dreadfully harnessed and tapped
To suit the intent of designers
Pounding and frothing for naught
As twist upon turn changed the course
Sapping the potential and power

Till an inch deep and two miles wide
Sluggishly creeping along the way
Stagnantly pooling, nearly halting
Releasing what was suspended
All is lost by expanding too wide

Left undone

An afternoon unallocated
Retreat to the shop, pick something up
"Dad!" -- A call for my help
It can wait... I whisper to myself
As I answer the call of a child

An evening to write -- maybe a chapter
Open the draft and read what I wrote
Memory refreshed, prepared to compose
A knock at the door draws my attention
A neighbor needs help
The story will be there tomorrow I guess

The oil needs changing -- maintenance deferred
A banging noise calls for investigation
It'll only take an afternoon or so
Maybe I should just pay someone else
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Final Thoughts

What will you ponder 
When providence calls
And you must answer soon -- 
Passing beyond mortal life
And leaving all else behind

Concern for loved-ones remaining?
Freedom from sorrow and longing?

Fear that there's yet more to come?
Hope for what is yet to come?

Regret for things left undone?
Satisfaction in successes hard won?

Hot anger and spite?
Or calmness and quiet?


A Penny For Your Art?

Would you pay a penny for a poet's rhyming words,
That sent your soul up soaring in the heav'ns among the birds?
Or the beauty of the artist who had captured morning's light,
Painting a young mother who has nursed a child all night? 
And don't forget the music that inspires, calms or thrills, 
Took hours and hours of practice just to master simple trills.

So please do not insult us and demean a pricelesswork work,
With worthless bits of copper tossed with pity in your look.
The slighting little tokens meant to ease your inner shame
Are little more 
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Free Range Kids

Not quite feral and yet not tame
Undisturbed by hovering parents
Who watch quietly from a distance
And see the joy of discovery

Mostly free they wander the landscape
Exploring the wonder about them
Touching and tasting and seeing
Excitement in the plainest of things

Pushing limits and boundaries
Taking risks and meeting danger
Taught by nature to judge and adapt
Learning lessons no school could teach