Inch Deep

Once fed by melting white snow
Tumbling quickly with great energy
Living rock yielded to the potent push
As it carved deeper and built strength
Life's elements careening down stream

Then dreadfully harnessed and tapped
To suit the intent of designers
Pounding and frothing for naught
As twist upon turn changed the course
Sapping the potential and power

Till an inch deep and two miles wide
Sluggishly creeping along the way
Stagnantly pooling, nearly halting
Releasing what was suspended
All is lost by expanding too wide

Story Time: Doctor Destructo

Sitting around my parent’s house over the Thanksgiving holiday, my siblings and I started doing what we generally do on the rare occasions when we get together — we started telling stories from when we were younger.  That got me to thinking that many of the earlier stories haven’t been written down anywhere and might be lost if I didn’t change that fact.  Either that, or they would be told incorrectly by my siblings (almost certainly in a way that minimizes their roles).  So, after encouragement by Liz, I’ve decided to write down a few of them that came up … Read the rest