A Penny For Your Art?

Would you pay a penny for a poet's rhyming words,
That sent your soul up soaring in the heav'ns among the birds?
Or the beauty of the artist who had captured morning's light,
Painting a young mother who has nursed a child all night? 
And don't forget the music that inspires, calms or thrills, 
Took hours and hours of practice just to master simple trills.

So please do not insult us and demean a pricelesswork work,
With worthless bits of copper tossed with pity in your look.
The slighting little tokens meant to ease your inner shame
Are little more than insults to the craftsman and his name.

If it only stirs a pennyworth of joy inside of your heart,
Keep your token payment and in silence please depart.
But if it stirs much more than that - find pleasure in the gift,
That they have bestowed on you to inspire or lift.

Free Range Kids

Not quite feral and yet not tame
Undisturbed by hovering parents
Who watch quietly from a distance
And see the joy of discovery

Mostly free they wander the landscape
Exploring the wonder about them
Touching and tasting and seeing
Excitement in the plainest of things

Pushing limits and boundaries
Taking risks and meeting danger
Taught by nature to judge and adapt
Learning lessons no school could teach

Petroglyph National Monument and Backpacking to TWA Canyon With Isaac

By way of special requests for more pictures…

I had Friday off of work, so Liz and I decided to take the kids over to Petroglyph National Monument to show them the ancient graffiti all over the volcanic rocks on the west side of the Rio Grand in Albuquerque.  The kids had a blast playing mountain goat on the large rocks.

I also got talked into going with the scouts on an overnight backpacking trip as Isaac’s hiking buddy this weekend.  The plan was to hike in two miles, eat and sleep, them hike to the top of the canyon to the wreckage of a TWA airline that crashed into the mountain in the 1950s before heading back to the trailhead.  Unlike almost every other scout trip I’ve gone on, this one went mostly to plan.