Ward camp out

Or ward organized a camp out this last weekend.  I’m not really in a state of mind where hanging out with a million noisy kids and a bunch of adults I don’t really know sounds like fun, but we had agreed to go and keep another family company, so after work Friday we packed up a bunch of crap and drove the 20 minutes to the camp ground.  Luckily for me, the family we were to spend the weekend with had similar ideas to mine, and had selected a site well off the beaten path and away from the main … Read the rest

19 years!

Liz and I recently observed our 19th anniversary.   It’s hard to believe she’s put up with me that long, but she continues happy in her delusions.  Why should I undeceive her?  What a wonderful woman!  I’m more in love with her now than I was back then, and I would never have believed you if you told me then it was possible.

Mmmm… Bacon

We eat a lot of bacon.  About the only foodstuff that has more general ability for making food taste better is butter (the real stuff…  there hasn’t been a stick of margarine in our house in years), and we eat a lot of that too.  Bacon makes eggs infinitely more appealing when you’ve already eaten half a dozen in the last day or two.  Bacon added to paté makes liver almost tasty.  Popcorn popped in bacon grease with a little sea salt is amazing.  Wrap a date in bacon and bake it, and you have an amazing appetizer.  Then there’s … Read the rest