Story Time: The in-laws and the magic workbench effect

I honestly have no idea who originally taught me this, but one of the more useful lessons I tried to put into practice while dating was to get in good with my date’s parents.  I suspect it was a bit of wisdom from my parents coupled with suggestions from other influential people and a dose of common sense.  In any event, I made it a point to do things in such a way that my date’s parents wouldn’t worry about me or my intentions.  I tried to make sure to have my dates home early or at least on-time, I … Read the rest

Story Time: The haunted bedroom

The house I grew up in was a little unusual…  It was built by the neighborhood developer for his daughter, and was the carpenter’s version of the mechanic’s car.  It was the smallest house on the largest lot in the neighborhood, and seemed like it was built using leftovers from the other homes.  My parents told stories about the piles of crap they had to haul off when they bought it, and strange behavior of the lady who lived there before them — including letting a Shetland pony wander in and out of the sliding glass door that opened from … Read the rest

A proposal to put myself out of work (part II)

Earlier I wrote a bit about what I would do to cut the Department of Defense down to something more limited in scope and expense. Granted… some of the proposals weren’t strictly Department of Defense, but that’s not particularly important.  In that post, I mentioned I might get around to explaining some of my rationale for my recommended changes, and at the moment I have some time, so I’ll start and see how far I get.

1.  There are no substantial external threats to the United States

My first, and most important, recommendation was to recognize that there are … Read the rest

Grouchy bear and Clifford Heber

As I sat in church today, two men wove their way through my thoughts in a way they haven’t for years.  It happened during a discussion about talents, and using them to further the Lord’s work.  It crossed my mind that one talent that has greatly influenced my life was the talent to tolerate young boys.

When I was quite young, I was part of a pack of boys at church.  We were what you might label “challenging” to the extent that the church leaders had trouble finding anyone who could put up with us for more than a few … Read the rest