A proposal to put myself out of work

I believe it’s the nature of any bureaucracy or bureaucrat to take whatever territory, responsibility, or power they have and expand it through any means possible.  Walking around Washington, DC, there is ample evidence of that trend.  If you visit the Smithsonian Castle on the National Mall and make your way to one of the corridors you can see a display of two panoramic pictures taken from the top of the castle tower.  One of these pictures was taken roughly in 2005, and shows the area as it is now with the exception of a few new buildings.  The other … Read the rest

Small Miracles

I am often reminded that the Lord is conscious of, and cares about, even the small things in our lives.  Today, I was given another of those reminders.

Before I left to come to DC, I felt impressed to tell Liz that she would be working with the youth of our church.  Given the fact that she would be managing the household alone, coupled with other long-standing challenges, this sounded and felt like a rather unusual piece of counsel.  She has never worked extensively with the youth, and telling her she would be involved with them while I was gone … Read the rest