Story Time: Butterfield Canyon and Stansbury Island

It’s amazing to me how much confidence can be contained in a young, inexperienced male. I was once afflicted by this malady (okay… maybe I still am). In general, that confidence has enabled me to take on large projects I was probably unqualified for and manage to grow and learn enough in the process to succeed while building new skills and converting what was once unwarranted confidence into surety justified by knowledge. Occasionally, however, that confidence has a way of getting the practitioner of it into trouble.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by machinery and vehicles.  … Read the rest

Crookedly Straight

The dreams of the present viewed in sleep long ago
Bear no semblance to what I now see,
Wishes fervently made with the best of intent
Have passed by and never will be.

Looking back through the fog of memories past
I know now that the path I have trod,
Seeming crookedly bent, twisting this way and that
Has been mercifully guided by God.

The pitfalls and dangers I couldn't observe
Would have swallowed me up in their depths,
So wand'ring along the strange course of my life
I'm content to let Him guide my steps.

A Trip to Gettysburg

A while ago I decided to cash in a few of my hotel rewards points, secure a room somewhere near Gettysburg, PA, and make the sort drive north to go see the battlefield.

Now, I’m no civil war historian, so I’ll not bore anyone with a detailed description of the battle.  However, for those who need a quick refresher, with the strong caveat that anything I write is subject to fact-checking and errors…  The battle of Gettysburg was fought when the Army of Northern Virginia ventured north out of confederate territory.  Virginia was suffering from the effects of the previous … Read the rest

Satan’s laugh

Hateful things in human thought
Twisted minds this sin have brought
Barking dogs pull at the chain
Howling shrieks and moans of pain
Mothers weep and infants cry
Above the gate - ARBEIT MACHT FREI
Shuffling feet of broken hearts
Pause for families torn apart
Wives and children stripped away
Screams and cries that cannot sway

One by one sent there and here
For some the end is very near
While others hear the orders barked
For brutal labor they were marked
The crack of whips and thud of fist
The whimpered hope you're on the list
Yet labor's toil 
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