A Rant on Modern Science

When I was a kid, my best friend Zeke (not his real name) was what we all considered “fat.” In addition to being heavier than the rest of us, he had a complexion that would have been described as sallow, had a tendency for profuse sweating, bad teeth, and delayed mental development. He was different, and that made him a target. Aside from Zeke and one or two other kids in my elementary school, I can’t remember a single kid who would be labeled overweight by today’s standards. Fast-forward thirty years, and my experience would infer that Zeke would be … Read the rest

False Advertising

My wife will tell you I have issues — one of which is keeping a hold on my wedding ring.  In some marriages, this could be a sign of infidelity or weak commitment, but thankfully for me, Liz understands me well enough to know that rings and I just don’t get along.  One ring disappeared while I was riding my motorcycle and the cold air caused my fingers to shrink enough that the ring fell off while I was waiving at a biker in the oncoming lane.  It disappeared along the freeway.   Another disappeared when I shook cold water off … Read the rest