A week in Belgium

Two days ago, I flew home from a week-long business trip to Belgium.  Today, it’s 2:00 AM, and I’m wide awake listening to a thunderstorm pass by and eating a piece of chocolate I purchased while on the other side of the Atlantic.  Jet Lag sucks!

While I was in Belgium to work, we did have a few opportunities to see the sights, including on the 30 minute drive from where we were staying out in the country to where the meetings were being held .  The Belgian countryside is beautiful.  Even though it was February and below freezing most … Read the rest

Storytime: VICA Nationals

As with any of my stories based in reality, it is true and accurate only to the extent that my memory is correct.  This is an account of things as I remember them.

Vica Nationals

When I was in High School, I had a rather patient, kind, and understanding electronics teacher named Ralph Dammann who went out of his way to give me opportunities to explore that subject and “color outside the lines” that conventional educational programs draw.  He allowed me to skip other classes to work on projects, supported me as I cooked up various new things, and was … Read the rest

Jolly Green

Middle of nowhere, not a soul is in sight,
I'm alone far from help in a terrible fright,
Marooned yesterday and all through the night.
Weakened and failing, dealt a heavy hard blow,
Then a thumping and rumbling rattling low, 
Creeps through the quiet and steadily grows.

Now the feet of a giant appear overhead,
With a deafening roar beating down latent dread,
Tells me help is at hand, and safety ahead.
The jolly green giant called out to assist,
Searching the morn' that frost's icy lips kissed,
Pararescueman watching ensures nothing's missed. 
He sees me and motions to show 
Read the rest