Why Not Publish?

I was on a flight home recently after an involuntary extension of a business trip, and happened to be seated next to an aspiring author who felt like striking up a conversation.  As we talked, he talked about how he had begun writing to deal with the loss of his mother.  That revelation led us down a series of wandering paths, along which it came out that I also write as a form of self prescribed therapy.  He asked if I had published anything, and seemed shocked when I told him no (other than scholarly/profesional journals) and that I wasn’t … Read the rest

Storytelling: Spring Break

As with any of my stories based in reality, it is true and accurate only to the extent that my memory is correct.  This is an account of things as I remember them.

Spring Break

Many years ago I felt a strong desire to break free of school and work in order to spend some time tooling around Southern Utah.  I had time off, a small pickup truck, and enough money to pay for gas and any incidental expenses that happened to arise, so I made plans to take a bunch of back-roads through the red-rock country.   While I might … Read the rest

Storytelling: Lightning Strikes and Skinny Dipping

As with any of my stories, this is true and accurate only to the extent that my memory is correct.  This is an account of things as I remember them.

Lightning Strikes and Skinny Dipping

From as far back as I can remember, I have loved opportunities to escape civilization and make my way into the wilderness.  Growing up in Utah, there were plenty of opportunities to do so, ranging from the High Uintah wilderness area a few hours east to some of the emptiest high desert on the continent to the west and south.  As a kid, my mother’s … Read the rest

Stuck in Snowmageddon

Earlier this week I had the misfortune to have a meeting in the Washington D.C. area that required me to be physically present.  There was a blizzard in the forecast, but travel arrangements were made that should have allowed our small party to escape the region before the storm hit.  Unfortunately, our return flights connected through a city that was affected by the storm almost a full day before the D.C. area, and our morning flight was canceled.  Attempts to re-route my travel through another city before the storm arrived were only partially successful.  My travel companions got out before … Read the rest


Far north of the sun on the sands of a beach
A hulk lies half buried on land
Who knows what it carried when last leaving port
Now it's holds carry water and sand

Abandoned in place when the sea broke it's back
For decades it's been here and will
Forever remain 'till the steel rots away
Ground to dust in nature's great mill

Winter Watchman

Searingly cold, I am chilled to the bone
Crystalline ice coats the ground
Darkness paints over the bluest of skies
Snow muffles the loudest of sounds

Rational beings are tucked in warm holes
To hibernate is natures great plan 
But standing here now, knee deep in new snow
I marvel at a brazen lone man

He stands there alone, protecting the globe
Keeps watch with a resolute stance
A sentinel silent, a witness as well
He begs us to not miss our chance 

Storytelling – The Note

This story is true to the best of my ability to remember it.  It’s possible that some of the memories have been contaminated or that my role in them has been exaggerated, but any of these types of artifacts are purely unintentional.   Unfortunately, some of the names are gone from me forever, so if I leave one out, it’s either out of respect or simply because I can’t remember anymore.


Many moons ago my older sister handed me a note written on plain white paper that had been folded several times into a nondescript rectangle.  In fact, on initial … Read the rest

Storytelling – Museum Motorcycle

One of my kids’ favorite activities when we have new visitors over for dinner is to try and get me telling stories.  I’ve told many of these stories so many times that the kids like to start to tell them on their own if I don’t comply with their requests.  I imagine some of these stories are among the things they will take with them long after I am gone, but to ensure that they are correct (according to my flawed memory), I’ve decided to write several of the more popular ones down.   These stories are true to the best … Read the rest