Thirsty Dirt and Rainmageddon

Earlier this spring south Texas was the happy recipient of record rainfall, ending several years of pretty severe drought almost overnight.  Reservoirs went from completely empty to spilling over the flood-gates in a matter of a few days.  During that time, we had the pleasure of dealing with up to two feet of running water flowing down our road, up to three inches of standing water in the yard, a flooded septic system, and a whole host of other flood and rain-related things.  We mostly celebrated, though, because it had been so long since we’d had good rain.

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Life can be funny sometimes.  Things we often tend to view in absolutes can become quite fuzzy or even inverted when the context is right.  One example I’ve experienced very recently is an inversion of the concept that it’s bad to be unwanted.

Most of us spend a good portion of our lives trying to be something or someone who is wanted.  We develop skills that are wanted by employers.  We seek to be wanted by friends and love interests.  We often find ourselves trying to acquire stuff and abilities that place us in a position to be envied.  I … Read the rest

A Day on the Farm with Michael

Editor’s Note:  Liz started this with Michael a while ago, but hasn’t been able to convince him to finish it.  Rather than wait for what will probably never happen, I’ve decided to post what he’s done so far for the benefit of people who want a view of our world through the eyes of Michael.  Who knows what this would have looked like had Michael finished it, but for now, enjoy the sneak peak.   –Peter

Today Michael and I decided to make a book.  He asked me to take pictures of “bugs, animals, chickens, Thornton, and cracks in the dirt.”… Read the rest