A Crappy Week (Or Month… Or More…)

We’ve been going through the gyrations associated with the incomprehensible system that determines when and where I move. First, they tell you you are hot to move, then tease you with a list of possible assignments, only to withdraw that list a few days later and replace it with one that is dense with substantially worse options. A few days after that, they tell you that there aren’t enough people to fill all the positions, and that the positions that must be filled are all the sorts of jobs that make my skin crawl. Once this drill is complete, they … Read the rest

Not Nobody

Dickenson's poem says she's nobody,
She couldn't be further from right.
Everyone's someone to somebody,
A jewel and a treasured delight.

Some discount their talents and value,
Our Saviour sees through all of that,
To cherish potential and virtue,
And love us wherever we're at.

A New Man

Peetie the one-legged pirate,
came stumping along down the path,
wearing his stripe-ed pajamas,
and desperately needing a bath.

Grumbling, mumbling, and grousing along,
A cloud hanging over his head,
Scowling and wearing a horrible frown,
Ever since he climbed out of his bed.

His grizzled long beard looked like lightning,
His eyebrows were tied up in knots.
Powder smoke blackened his visage,
His mustache held clumps of dried snot.

As he thundered along down the alley, 
He stepped in through several a door,
Collecting a bit at each halting,
What he needed and not a thing more.

At the 
Read the rest

Downtown with Grandparents

Larry and Susan came to visit this weekend.  Larry had some training downtown, so they took advantage of the situation by delaying his flight home and flying Susan down for a long weekend with us.   As part of the fun, we decided to check out a renaissance fair that was going on nearby.

Sydney was ecstatic when she came across a group who do illumination and calligraphy (her current art-interest, and one that she’s getting quite good at).  Turns out there are several people who are happy to help her learn new techniques for free.  She also was excited to … Read the rest