The Latest Pictures

Why can’t he do something constructive like watch TV all afternoon?

This picture gives you a decent idea of what I am hauling around all day… A 20 lb. drooling machine.

He gets his good looks from me.

Getting ready to go camping.

Sydney and I trying to keep away from mosquitos.

The tune from the Andy Griffith Show comes to mind… I hope it gets stuck in your head too.
Success (as a side note, I finally learned how to skip stones myself for the first time in my life)!

Choosing the right rock is an art form.

Guns. ATV’s. That’s my boy.

First rice cereal. It was (and still is) a hit!

Carrots. Yummy. So far as long as it is food, Michael likes it. Yeah!

Sydney and Isaac standing in front of the “pretty” section of the Alaska pipeline.