Spring is on it’s way!

We had Liz’s mom come up for a few days to visit Michael. While she was here I took her out in the “big orange pumpkin” as it’s known at work to show her what Alaska looks like once you get off the beaten path. Fortunately for her, it warmed up to about 20 deg before we went out. The day prior topped out at -10.

She said this made her trip, but we all know it’s a lie. Seeing shriveled wrinkly baby feet seemed to have more of an effect on her. Though to be fair, not many people get to go for a ride in the Alaskan bush in a Tucker tracked vehicle with their crazy son-in-law at the wheel. Susan also had a chance to see the northern lights while she was here. On the drive home from the Airport, the second best show I’ve seen popped out. Had she waited a week, she would have seen the best ones reported in the last few years.

Isaac and Sydney came along for the ride, but got pretty bored after a while. The Tucker doesn’t get much above 15 miles an hour in deep snow, and we drove about 30 miles. The snow we’re in is about 3 feet deep. That’s why the kids didn’t want to step off the tracks. They didn’t want their boots full of snow for the long ride home.

Sydney is loving being a big sister. She has trouble not messing with the baby when he’s asleep though. She must get that particular trait from her mother, because Liz will get on Syd’s case for it then turn right around and do it herself!

Isaac is also fascinated with Michael, but has no problem ignoring him when it suits his purposes. A few seconds holding Michael, and Isaac’s satisfied for the day. Me, I’m lucky if I get to hold him for an hour before bed. So far he’s been a pretty content and quiet little kid. Aside from grunting and snorting through a stuffy nose, he doesn’t really cry unless he’s mad or hungry, and even then it’s only enough to let you know he wants help.
We’ve been above freezing during the day for a few days now! The kids have had fun playing in the snow, and Isaac has re-discovered the boys across the street now that folks are coming out of hibernation. It topped out at about 40 degrees today, which compared to -40 feels like heaven. We’ve melted off almost 2 feet of snow in the last few days. I was out for two hours yesterday busting ice off the driveway in nothing but a T-shirt and jeans. The sun is up for 13 hours a day, and gains almost an hour a week. It won’t be long before we have to start shutting the blackout curtains before bed. As is, it doesn’t get dark now until about 9:30. Spring is wonderful!