Sydney’s Jump Rope Class

This has been the best class for Sydney (anyone living in Melbourne or Satellite Beach – this class is called the Beachside Bouncers and is run through the Schecter Community Center).

I have looked online to see if there is anything like this where we are moving – NADA. So I ordered a bunch of beaded ropes and speed ropes for the whole family and some instructional DVD’s on teaching rope jumping skills and double dutch to kids! We’ll have our own fun in Alaska.

Here’s an awesome clip to watch – Rene Bibaud is a five time world champion … Read the rest

Holy Cow – Time Passes

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t blogged for over two months – I haven’t done a very good job at writing in my journal since the beginning of this year also.

We finally received the first important paperwork so that we can get our orders for moving to Alaska. Right now our projected date of departure is May 24th but that may change slightly or may even be pushed back a couple of weeks. Peter has to be at a change of command ceremony on June 24th so we are planning on getting there on June 22nd. Sydney, Isaac, and … Read the rest