Peter’s Trip to London

Westminster Cathedral

The “Eye of London” across the Thames from the Houses of Parliament

One of the gateways into Trafalgar Square. The red-paved road connects the square to Buckingham Palace and is the equivalent of the National Mall in Washington D.C.

Peter in front of “Big Ben” and the Houses of Parliament

A garden in Hyde Park
More of Hyde Park

Still more of Hyde Park

We stopped at Stone henge on the way back from a field trip. Notice the almost complete lack of blue in the sky. This was the only day we had “typical” English weather.

One thing you don’t get from these pictures is how crowded the place is. It’s a game to get a picture when everyone is either behind one of the stones or out of the field of view.

The Royal Courts of Justice. From what I understand, it’s something akin to our Supreme Court.